CODING or programming

By Ryan

Have you ever thought about coding? What's the best program to code on ? If it’s educational what the grade standards are? Well if you were wondering any of those questions, go no further, read this passage!

Code powers a lot of stuff, has many languages, and you’ll know how it works by the end of this passage. Code works by giving instructions for tech to follow so the tech knows what to do. Computers, cars phones, watches, microwaves, and almost anything that runs with electricity uses code, and it needs steps to power it. Some examples of code are: Python, C, Javascript, and visual basic. These are good to know because different languages like binary (which is the hardest) uses only 1's and 0's is harder than others like visual basic. So as you can see code has unique languages, powers every day objects, and writes instructions.

One programming website is Scratch, and you’ll know what Scratch’s purpose is, who uses it, and what you can do there. Scratch’s purpose is to show and teach people how to code and create games. Students, scholars, teachers, and parents use Scratch to teach people essential skills for the 21st century. You can make animations, interactive stories, and games. So you can code and test creations. Now you know about Scratch the website.

You’ll learn some first grade math standards, tools for the math, and how math ties in with coding at the end of this paragraph. Some expectations are adding and subtracting within 20 and place value with ones and tens. The first graders need to know that because they need to learn those skills. Some tools are IXL, and First in math. Those are some of the many websites with a lot of math. Math ties in with coding because code has lots of equations, and code is basically numbers, letters, and symbols all mixed together into a giant equation so you’re going to need to be able to add and subtract. Those are some expectations, tools, and you also know how math ties into coding.

My GH project turned out to be on an app called tinytap app. Nick, Brendan, and I made a game called Car Math Experts (for first grade).Play our game it is fun(with cool backgrounds! And audio recordings!).

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Ryan Emrich

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