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Globalization is making the world weaker. I say this because for example if you are in the sneaker business and you are one of the people who makes them they can around from $50 to $800 as their minimum wage. Another reason why globalization is bad because if a business is making a lot of money of their product some other people can take advantage and make something like the product but fake. For example Kanye west made years and other people are trying to sell fake ones for less and making more money. This affects the community because people are using their money to buy a fake product.

People don't make money
Some people make fake of the original
People who make the fake product.

It is definitely NOT worth to climb Mt.everest. It's not worth because first of all you have to spend around $100,000 dollars on the trip, and there is no way to go cheap on this because if you don't bring a key item you might as well call yourself dead. You have to spend money on the doctors the cook a bunch of coats mittens hats snow gogoles and most importantly OXYGEN TANKS. Not also do you have to buy all these main stuff you have to buy more stuff and carry it up the mountiain. Another huger reason why you shouldn't rush to climb Mt.Everest is because you can gent frostbite, hypothermia, and many other other sicknesses, oh and also you have a pretty high chance of DYING!!

This shows how long the way up is
This shoes only SOME of the stuff you need to buy to bring to mt.everest.

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In order to be a good citizen: In order to be a good citizen you need to be responsible of your actions, but if you are responsible you also get rights. There are some specific responsibilities you have other than making you bed a some of those responsibilities are to pay taxes, obey the law. If you obey the law you will also get rights. For example some of those rights are freedom of speech, right to petition, which is if you feel someone in the government is not doing anything politically right you can step forward and make a comment about that person. More examples of rights the right to get informed. All of this information concludes that in the ends if you are responsible you get rights, and rights are good because without rights you would basically not be able to do anything.

What is the most effective type of government? The most effective type of government is democracy. Democracy is good unlike dictatorship because in dictatorship there is one leader that has all the power and that one leader takes away the rights of all the citizens that live in that country. Democracy as a government and plots power evenly with other parts of the government, also democracy gives citizens rights instead of taking away all their rights. For example in North Korea that country is ruled by the dictator and the community is sad and depressed because no one citizens have rights. In the other hand USA is a democratic country and all citizens have rights and the citizens live a happy life with barely no problems. Democracy also keeps one law which is called the rule of law. That law means that everyone including the president and the government have to obey the law. It is good to have this law because without it the whole society will be uneven and then it can eventually turn into an anarchy. A anarchy is a country with no laws, leaders, and all the people are outta control. For example USA has the law of the rule of law. There is no country that has an anarchy because they all know that they need to have the rule of law or else there country will turn into an anarchy.Overall Democracy is the best type of government and if you think it isn't the best well then there is barely anything that will fail in it.

This is what a good citizen looks like.

There are many centrifugal and centripetal forces but there are more centripetal forces than centrifugal forces that unite the EU. There are many differences between the western and the eastern side of the EU. Here is the most important example. Here's is one centrifugal force. The people on the west of the EU are more wealthier so when the people of the EU want to make projects so they can help the east side of the EU so they can have a very good economy the people from the west get mad because they don't really want to spend their money on the east side and they just want to keep their money. Although there are some things that might be bad about the EU there is also good thing politically. For example, since the EU is a supranational level type of government it unites the people for example, it brings in members from all around the EU to work on issues together. Another one is that the EU encourages the people to think as themselves as citizens. Since there are so many countries in the EU the EU cares a lot about cultures that is why they have a centripetal force. One centripetal force is that the EU to notes Europe by promoting common culture, for example they created their own flag, they created their own national anthem, and they created their own national symbol. overall there are a lot of bad things in the EU but it also has a lot of good things. So if you are thinking about going to a country that is in the EU I would say it is worth it.

How do people adapt to the desert region. The type of landscape the people are living in change the way the people adapt and if they are close to an oasis or not. In the Sahara the landscape is more than sand it has different landforms like Ergs which are great seas of sand, Regs which are gravel covered plains, and Hammada which are high rock covered flatlands. There are also dry riverbed called Wadis. These landscapes are in either higher or lower elevation. If you lived in a higher elevation you would be farther away from a oasis which is where most people get their water from, but if you live in the lower elevation you have more of a chance to find an oasis. People these day are using technology so the people in Sahel used it to get water by making their own oasis. Since people in the Sahel mainly grow and eat crops they need a lot of water. So the oasis won't be enough so they decided to make their own oasis by drilling a hole in the ground until, they reach and get the water. Overall people in the Sahara and the Sahel have adapted in many different ways.

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