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In order to be a good citizen: In order to be a good citizen you need to be responsible of your actions, but if you are responsible you also get rights. There are some specific responsibilities you have other than making you bed a some of those responsibilities are to pay taxes, obey the law. If you obey the law you will also get rights. For example some of those rights are freedom of speech, right to petition, which is if you feel someone in the government is not doing anything politically right you can step forward and make a comment about that person. More examples of rights the right to get informed. All of this information concludes that in the ends if you are responsible you get rights, and rights are good because without rights you would basically not be able to do anything.

What is the most effective type of government? The most effective type of government is democracy. Democracy is good unlike dictatorship because in dictatorship there is one leader that has all the power and that one leader takes away the rights of all the citizens that live in that country. Democracy as a government and plots power evenly with other parts of the government, also democracy gives citizens rights instead of taking away all their rights. For example in North Korea that country is ruled by the dictator and the community is sad and depressed because no one citizens have rights. In the other hand USA is a democratic country and all citizens have rights and the citizens live a happy life with barely no problems. Democracy also keeps one law which is called the rule of law. That law means that everyone including the president and the government have to obey the law. It is good to have this law because without it the whole society will be uneven and then it can eventually turn into an anarchy. A anarchy is a country with no laws, leaders, and all the people are outta control. For example USA has the law of the rule of law. There is no country that has an anarchy because they all know that they need to have the rule of law or else there country will turn into an anarchy.Overall Democracy is the best type of government and if you think it isn't the best well then there is barely anything that will fail in it.

This is what a good citizen looks like.
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