March Musing The Next Generation

Finding Our Replacements

Helping them hear. . . “the call”. . .to step up

A few weeks ago, I dropped in on the closing service for the Winter Blast – our District sponsored “ski” retreat for our students. It was a good excuse for the old DS to drive up in the mountains of North Carolina in search of some winter snow (which I found elusive!).

I was glad to see the good attendance, with good representation from our churches. We are blessed with many professional Youth Pastors, most of whom were present. Thanks are due to Jim Hatcher and his team for putting it all together. I was encouraged to see the continuing commitment of so many volunteer youth leaders who invest in our students. I also noted the boundless energy of the students - even after a weekend of activity and sleep deprivation.

Most noteworthy for me, was a powerful moment in the closing service as the worship band was concluding the pre-sermon set. Just before they began the last song, the worship leader paused and said something that, frankly, I have been sharing everywhere I have been this month.

“We believe part of our ministry is to replace ourselves with those we minister to.”

With that said, he issued an invitation for any of the youth in the audience who had talents in music that they would like to use for the Lord, to step up on the platform and join them. There was initial reluctance but as he persisted he began to call up, “any drummer here . . . how about guitarists . . . singers?” Slowly students responded and joined the group on stage. “When we are finished the preacher is going to open God’s Word . . . any of you guys sensing God’s call to preach?” Again, hesitation followed by a couple of guys who stepped up!

I looked at the stage and realized it was getting crowded up there! I commented to Pete Brokopp, our Envision Atlanta Site Coordinator, who was standing in the back with me,

“This is a great picture of what we are supposed to be doing. Finding our own replacements among the next generation and inviting them to step up!”

As I drove down the mountain and back to Charlotte, I thought about those who invited me to “step up” when I was a high school student. I too had heard from God while in those formative years, that He was calling me to say yes to serve Him. I didn’t know exactly what that invitation meant at the time, but I knew it meant something and that He was inviting me to “step up” and follow Him into the future.

I am so thankful for those who invited me to respond to His call when I was a young student with much life ahead of me. Thanks to those who continue to lead our students to understand the Gospel and to respond to Jesus’ Lordship in our lives.

Who are you investing in and then inviting to “step up?”

Mick and the District Ministry Team

Have you scheduled a missionary for your Missions Emphasis Weekend yet?

There is still time to sign your church up for a Global Focus Weekend with our missionaries on tour in our District. Praise God for the great reports we are hearing from our District churches about successful and God glorifying Global Focus Weekends! If you haven't scheduled, please do so ASAP!

With our new scheduling system it will only take a few moments of your time!

Click on this link for a brochure with more information. This brochure will help you with planning your Global Focus Weekend

  • Have you identified a Church Mission Mobilizer? If you haven't or have not communicated that with our District Mission Mobilizer, please do at (we also have an example job description to help!)
  • Does your church have a Church Mission Mobilizer? Please confirm with our District Mission Mobilizer Kris Gerow ( as soon as possible. He will be hosting a webinar in the coming month for all Church Mission Mobilizers and District Missionaries and will be communicating the details soon. Your church does not want to miss out on staying connected with Alliance Ministries!
  • Is your church taking a short term mission trip this summer? Please let the District Mission Mobilizer know so we can support you as a District through prayer!

The GC Women retreating is coming at the end of March. All information is going out digitally. Please click below to find information and all of the downloads for advertising the event.

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