Pushing Luck By Jason Boland & The Stragglers

Rancho Alto

2011 | Country

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“There ain't no difference as far as I can see, as some of them folks out hustlin' at me. -- They have uniforms, I have pa's bulletproof vest under overalls.”


  • Rancho Alto hit #130 on the Billboard 200, #26 on Top Country Albums, #3 on Top Heatseekers, and #21 on the Independent Albums charts.
  • Jason Boland (guitar/vocals) and Brad Rice (percussion) are both members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, having met while attending Oklahoma State University.
  • Boland formed a band in 1998, releasing their first album, Pearl Snaps, in 1999. Boland and The Stragglers became one of the most successful artists in the Red Dirt/Texas Country scene.


Luke Tatum

I think I've written about this a bit in the past, but when I was growing up in a relatively small town in central Texas, I tried very hard to distance myself from the "southern" image. I was one of those "I listen to anything except rap and country" people. Nerdcore hip-hop changed my mind on rap, and got me going on a whole kick which led me to Scroobius Pip, Immortal Technique, Busdriver, and many others. Country has been a slower evolution, but the biggest single trigger was a video game called Rebel Galaxy. Look up the soundtrack on YouTube--there's a whole sub-genre I'd never heard of called "dark" country that really shifted my thinking. But enough about me! This song is some top-notch stuff. Lyrics, instrumentation, mixing, and solos are all incredible. "The sun's comin' up, I got a dog in my face; The man on the leash says this is his place; Funded by the money they took from you and me; We're payin' these fools to put us on our knees." Not unlike some of the punk and metal we've heard this year, is it? When enough people think like this, the cultural wind will be blowing our way.

Sherry Voluntary

"“The sun's comin' up, I got a dog in my face, the man on the leash says this is his place. Funded by the money they took from you and me. We're payin' these fools to put us on our knees.”

It’s funny that this song would come up in the queue at this time. I just got home from speaking in Memphis about Civil Asset Forfeiture, which is one huge way that police fund their predation on the public. It’s sick and twisted and all you get from police are excuses about the law and politicians. Never do they take personal responsibility for their actions. We should get very educated on this subject and shout about it to the high heavens. Not only is it destroying civil liberties, it’s also highway robbery, and paying for the tanks, and other military grade weapons and gear the police are now using to “put us on our knees.”

Nicky P

I know it's a trope of the cops using dogs to hunt down escaped prisoners & detect drugs etc, but I'm always confused how they don't seem to get shot like everyone's beloved pets. Somehow the police dogs manage to have storied careers and little ol' spot is bound to get shot on his first meeting. This little aside out of the way i want you to muse on what Jason says. The police are literally a standing army we are robbed to support harassing us. Long gone are the days of protect and serve if that ever really was a thing. I feel like police have looked like advanced military outfits my entire adult life. As if it's not enough that they rob us once from our paychecks, they turn around and set random traps for arbitrary rules to collect you as you try to live your life. If you're lucky you only get fined and not "civil asset forfeiture-ed." The fact that that is a legally permissible thing says all we need to know about our "freedom."

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Nicky P

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