A Letter By lillian huang

To: A future RHHS Student

My Co-op experience at an accounting firm helped me improve my employability skills, and I enjoyed working there. I was able to experience what it is like to be in a professional environment and work with real life information, and I saw the results of my work which was very rewarding. In this letter, I will be describing some tasks and projects that I did and provide some tips on how to make the best of your co-op experience at David Burkes.

Brief Job Description

Most of the tasks that I was assigned were administrative and were easy to do. This included sending out courier, updating invoices, tracking mail and preparing packages. These tasks are given by Joanna and Pia, and would usually be done by receptionists. Occasionally, there will be different tasks from the other staff members, and those usually involve inputting information into an excel spreadsheet. These are often used in David’s litigation cases. The amount and type of work will change depending on which semester you have co-op. During the first semester there are more tasks towards the end of December, and in the second semester there is more work based around the tax return period. No matter when your placement is, working at the accounting firm will be very engaging and you will learn useful working skills that can be used later on.

Advice and Tips

Since the work that you do is used for real clients, it is of the utmost importance to be responsible and thorough with the assignments that you are given. Even if you are given assignments that seem easy (e.g. putting packages together), it is important that it is done exactly how your supervisor wants it. It helps to take very detailed notes when the staff show you how to do something for the first time, that way you can avoid asking repetitive questions and be more confident working on your own. Another tip that I would give is to speak up when you are working. If you are unsure of something, it is better to ask and confirm than to guess and have your supervisor find out you made a mistake later on to avoid losing trust between you and the other employees. The staff at the accounting firm were very engaging and open, and talking to them will make your experience at co-op more fun and relaxing.

Challenges I faced at my placement

A challenge I had while at my placement was learning to be detailed while working. Initially, I made many small mistakes while working because I had often never seen or worked with the things that they did. This included things such as making labels and using Microsoft Excel. However, I learned that repeating the process and practicing doing these tasks will help you improve greatly. It is easy to memorize how to do something if it is done enough times so don’t worry about making mistakes, as they will actually help you improve your work.

Overall Impression

Overall, my initial impression of my placement was that it would be very boring and most of my work would be independent. However, as I continued working at my placement I found that my placement was very engaging. I enjoyed working at my placement and I hope that your experience at your placement will be as rewarding as it was for me.


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