The Colorfest Amelia tomashek

Milena is always the one who is doubting everything. She doesn't like to step outside the box. Max always goes with what Milena says. These two are always boring and grey. Mara and I wanted to brighten things up. On my left was Milena on the other was Max. Mara was following along in back of us as usual. We strolled down the damp road. Past the toy store, past the ice cream parlor, past the cafe. As we turned into Piatza we spotted a man walking near us.


I greeted him with a friendly wave.

“Buona sera.”

He replied. After a while we arrived at the colorfest. The colorfest is a festival where kids come at night to dance and get covered with the bags of color. The color is made out of baby powder, and dye. There were a few adults setting up. There was a hotdog stand, DJ set, and bags of color.


Milena muttered while biting of the top of a Cherry Explosion she bought earlier.

“Yeah. That doesn't seem like much fun.”

Max agreed. So of course we left for awhile. We walked around the town and it didn't take long until we bumped into our parents. My mom was confused. She thought we were at the Colorfest. I filled her in on how Milena and Max didn't want to go.

“You never know you might like it”

“Yeah let’s go try it. We have money to go buy some color.” I said holding out the Euros. We sauntered over to the colorfest where we were before. More people were there. Volunteers, the DJ, and kids covered in colors of all kind. Max and Milena hung out near the top of the stair, acting too cool to be here. Mara and I went over to a stand and came back with a package of blue and green color. Stepping into a spot where there were no people. We launched the color at each other and we were covered head to toe. Mara and I laughed and giggled acting as if this was the most fun we’d ever had.

Max and Milena were unconvinced-they still had scowls of doubt on their faces. No matter how hard we try, nothing’s ever good enough for them for them. I knew my plan wasn't working so I thought for a while. Finally I got a great idea. I pulled Mara aside to explain my plan. We tore open the bags and when Max and Milena were distracted we splashed the color all over them. They looked like a bird. An orange beak, and yellow feathers. They had color in their ears, in their hair. Milena’s glasses were coated with color. Mara and I were gasping for air. Our eyes were tearing up. They looked hysterical.

“That's it!”

Milena cried. She flew down the steps and seconds later Mara and I looked like we lost a fight to a rainbow.

“Oh it’s on!”

I yelled. It took a while but we finally brought color into their boring, grey world.

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