Creators Camp 2017 where america's young emerging creators & innovators go to prepare for the future.

United States Department of Labor

Studies show that 43% of the students coming out of college today are unemployed or underemployed...

United States Department of Labor

65% of the kids entering primary school today, will be taking on jobs and occupations that don't even exist yet...

The Economist

The United States currently has 1.3 TRILLION dollars in student loan debt...

Observation @ Creators Camp

When we asked over 200 College Junior/Seniors: "What are your plans after graduation?", "What do you plan to DO?" ... A vast majority of them responded with: "I'm trying to figure that out..."

Something seems out of balance...

While we have heavy engagement in post-primary education (college) to the tune of 1.3 trillion dollars in debt, there still seems to be an overwhelming amount of young people lacking vision and direction as it pertains to their future. While we could point this deficiency in 100 directions, At Creators Camp we feel it boils down to three things:

1. Exposure

Young people who are not exposed, early on, to how their natural talents, skills, abilities and more importantly "passions" connect with the work/marketplace, find it difficult (if not impossible) to navigate career/work paths.

2. Context

Young people have very little context as it pertains to the workplace, yet as adults, we often ask young people what their plans are for the future. This often leads to the "reverse engineering" of money (security), and the abandonment of the work that the young person may be designed to do.

3. Readiness

We asked over 250 C-Suite Executives and HR Professionals: "If you could have any set of skills developed within the young talent you bring into your organization(s), what would those skills be?" Out of the 250 responses we received, we uncovered a set of skills that are viewed as "deficiencies" in today's youth...

Creative-Thinking, Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration & Buildership

Neuroscientist Dr. Susanne Cappendijk sharing insight about the brain with young emerging creators and innovators during a Creators Camp Fireside.

Creators Camp is a year-round program designed to expose elementary, middle and high school students to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Mathematics (STEAM) with a dual and equally important emphasis on developing key interpersonal skills: Creative-Thinking, Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Buildership.

Spread across 75 experiences and (2) Campgrounds: Tallahassee, FL and Indianapolis, IN

In 2016 Creators Camp invested over 500 hours into the lives of young emerging creators and innovators, exposing them to the fields of photography, drone technology, 3D printing, neuroscience, computer programming, engineering and dozens of other future facing fields.

We transformed world class institutions into places to explore and learn cutting-edge technology...

Creators Camp Nomads learning about Computer Programming and building their own computers using the Raspberry Pi at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Tallahassee FL.

We transformed marketplace professionals into teachers, mentors and guides.

Drone Pilot and Aerial Business CEO Gerald Tookes working with a young Nomad.

We worked with underserved, first generation college students, exposing them to mobile application design and development best practices.

Students participating in the annual Florida State University RIMS Program learning Mobile Application Development best practices.

We bridged generational, ethnic and gender gaps creating learning experiences that were hands-on and deeply engaging.

A young Nomad working with her Mother and a Creators Camp Experience Engineer to repair a Drone she built using Lego's!
"I believe this passionately: that we don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out if it…"

~ Sir Ken Robinson

2016 was a glorious and impactful year for Creators Camp's brave Nomads and Pathfinders. Now in our 4th year of service, Creators Camp is a fully functioning, layered, year-round program designed to address one of the biggest challenges we face as a people today...

Developing the future "skills-force" during a time of uncertainty, and radical change.

We are just getting started, and we need your help.

From late 2012 to the end of 2016 Creators Camp operated as a "for-profit" company. We leveraged investor relationships, we developed revenue streams within the fibers of our company and we sacrificed heavily to ensure that what we delivered was of world class value and innovative in nature. We supported each Nomad and Pathfinder with limited resources and pushed our mission forward with purpose and passion... WE, with the help every single volunteer, Nomad/Pathfinder Parent, Luminary and Community Leader made things happen.

One of the most radical things that we've have done so far, beyond creating a layered experience that completely redefines the whole "STEAM" education paradigm and makes it approachable, is transition from a "for-profit" organization into a United States based charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization!!

We wanted to reach more kids, and make the magic of Creators Camp available for the hard to reach, underserved youth that are unable to afford what we do...

~ Sandie Chavez, Co-Founder, President & Chairwoman

We want to expand our capabilities, while at the exact same time, reduce the cost of our services so that we can affect change in a bigger and more profound way...

~ Vincent Hunt, Co-Founder & CEO

This challenge is not a "local" challenge, it's a national challenge. We need the resources, engagement and connectivity that a national movement requires to be effective. The work rests in aligning the right people, the right agencies, capital and focus to do meaningful work...

~ Jason Stamm, Board Member & Strategist

To help us us navigate the nonprofit landscape we reached out to, and became a member of the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence. With this strategic partnership and a combined total of over 4 decades of business experience in the for-profit business arena, now positioned to do the work of a nonprofit, Creators Camp is uniquely equipped to develop a national-focus, and 2017 is the year that we start that process.

The Creators Camp Team
Our diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and abilities give us a clear and unique advantage to do this work...

~ Sandie Chavez, Co-Founder, President & Chairwoman

Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate people.

Co-Founder, President & Chairwoman

Sandie Chavez brings a decade of experience developing and scaling organization operations. Deeply strategic, Sandie Chavez drives Creators Camp's day-to-day operations and insures that the logistics that empower Creators Camp's unique delivery model stay in-synch with the organizations mission.

Board Member & Strategist

Jason Stamm, brings two (2) decades of experience in business management/development and strategic insight to the table. An early-stage designer, innovator, investor and active donor Jason Stamm is a key component within the Creators Camp narrative.

Co-Founder & CEO

Vincent Hunt brings two (2) decades of creativity, design and innovation experience to the fold. Hunt oversees the Creators Camp experience narrative and inspires the team to go beyond obvious solutions to discover radical new ways to develop young, emerging creators and innovators.

Passionate Donor, Underwriter & Revolutionary

You bring resources to the operations of Creators Camp. You help us extend scholarships to young emerging creators and innovators that may not be able to afford the services that Creators Camp offers. You help us by giving us your time, mentoring and sparking the imaginations of young people. You help us shape the future, by empowering and launching creatively confident, deeply self aware, purposed people into the world to do meaningful work.

Together, we can prepare a generation of young emerging creators and innovators for the future.

To make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to Creators Camp, visit our donation page on our website. While we have pre-defined amounts specified, you can give as much or as little as you like, every dollar that you donate will be used to facilitate the work of preparing young emerging creators and innovators for the future.

Do you have a "doer's mindset"? Volunteers are welcome.

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