Car Project

The survey I have is about what people’s dream cars are, and some of the specific details about it. The purpose of choosing this topic is that I am really interested in talking about cars. I believe most men attach more or less attention into cars. Also, my parents have been changing cars quite frequently so far. Therefore, I got many chances of viewing different cars in the past several years. All in all, the topic instantly jumped to the top of my head while I was telling to give a survey of whatever I wanted.

I am not very surprised to the results because it makes sense that most people prefer expensive cars which are famous and luxurious. I was trying to prove that people view cars differently based upon various characteristics of the car. Also, it can depend on the influences from others. Although the survey focuses on my peers which are high school students or teenagers, it definitely shows the general trends for all teenagers. In order for the survey to be more accurate, it should be sent to more people.In summary, according to the survey results, most people prefer racing car as their first choice. Moreover, it generally takes more than five years for them to be able to afford their dream cars. Half of the people think that the exterior look of the car matters more, and the other half values the engine of the car more. Finally, most people desire to buy a new car in college. All in all, the results of the survey show many interesting ideas about cars from the teenager group.


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