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The Pathfinder Manifesto

I AM a Creators Camp Pathfinder.

I understand that my world is rapidly changing and by actively exploring the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math, I am preparing myself for the future. Creation is my birth-right, and the pursuit of the things that I am passionate about leads to a full and purposed life. I think both creatively and critically to overcome challenges and generate ideas. I believe that there’s strength in collaboration and clear communication has the power to transform imagination into reality. I lead by what I DO, and not just by what I say.

I am a Creators Camp Pathfinder!


What is Communication?

The imparting or exchanging of information or news and/or the means of connection between people or places, in particular.

(What does that mean? Give me an example, let's talk about it! :)

Communication can be categorized into three basic types:

Verbal Communication

Written Communication

Non-verbal Communication

Today, we will be talking about verbal communication!

What is verbal communication?

Verbal communication refers to the use of sounds and language to relay a message. It serves as a vehicle for expressing desires, ideas and concepts and is vital to the processes of learning and teaching. The average person spends __________ % of their day using verbal communication. Can you guess what %? Can you also guess how much of that percent is due to LISTENING?



Give me some examples of verbal communication!

One example of verbal communication would be Public Speaking! Public speaking involves one or more people delivering a message to a group. We will be working a lot on public speaking in Creators Camp :)

How can we use verbal communication effectively?

Effective verbal communication depends on a number of factors but here are a few basic ways to strengthen your verbal communication!

1. Clarity of speech

2. Remain calm and focus on listening

3. Be polite and respectful.

4. Use encouraging words.

5. Ask questions, make sure your hearing the other person correctly.


Let's practice using verbal communication with each other!


Are you Nomads & Pathfinders ready for a challenge and see if your using effective verbal communication? Let's find out!!

I need 4 eyewitnesses and 1 police officer to step outside of the room and go into the next room until I come back in to speak with you. Use your collaboration & communication skills to decide WHO will be leaving the room. Again, I need 4 eyewitnesses and 1 police officer..... GO!!

Ok! Now those 5 individuals.... please leave the room now.

The remaining Nomads & Pathfinders please read the following below. Choose one fellow Pathfinder or Nomad to speak for the team. After you have read this paragraph, call ONE eyewitness back into the room and explain what happened in the paragraph you just read. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE NOTES. Now, that eyewitness has to call in a second eyewitness back into the room and explain to them what happened. Do this until there are no more eyewitnesses to call back into the room. After the last eyewitness is called and provided the information, the last eyewitness will call the police officer back into the room and record the information from the last eyewitness and write it on the white board.

'A southbound truck was turning right while a northbound sports car was attempting to turn left. When the two drivers figured out they were trying to turn into the same lane, they both honked but continued to turn without slowing down. In fact, the sports car seemed to speed up just before the crash.'

Communication Origami!

This exercise will test your effective listening skills! You will be given a piece of paper and instructions BUT you have to keep your eyes closed... in 5...4...3...2...1

The Blindfold Game!

This exercise will help improve your listening skills, verbal communication skills and trust with your peers


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