Michelle's biggest dream is to be a super star someday but she has no hope because she's only extra in a small company. While Raven is the most popular in the city and he is the owner of Raven.co ( Company name)

One day Michelle is daydreaming during work and suddenly she gets caught by her boss and yells at her saying..

Anthony(Michelle's Boss): There you are again! You know what? I'm giving you a last chance and if you do this again one more time, I'm telling you, you will be fired! Get back to work!

Michelle has no reaction and goes back to work. Meanwhile in Raven.co, they're looking for a place to build a small building and they got a place and there's a house behind that needs to be gone. One of the workers of the company call the owner of the house and they will be paying a big money for the owner. Anthony got a call from Raven.co and gets shock because he can't believe that the most popular company is calling him.

Anthony: What!? Am I dreaming right now? Hopefully not.

Anthony answered the phone.

Anthony: Yes hello?

Girl ( that works at Raven's company): Are you Michelle's boss?

Anthony: Yes I am, why?

Girl: Oh great! Can I speak to her?

Anthony: Oh sure! Raven.co right?

Girl: Yep

Anthony: Okay, I'll pass the phone to her wait a second

Michelle: Hello?

Girl: Ma'am Michelle, yes?

Michelle: Yes, how can I help you?

Girl: Uhm, Raven and I are deciding to build a small building and the only location we've found is at your location. How much do you..

Michelle gets mad and interrupts the Girl and yells at her and saying..

Michelle: Hell no! Why would I sell my grand mother's house? This is very important to me just find another location, okay?!

Girl: Do you even know Raven?

Michelle: Yes, I know him and I don't care how rich he is or how popular he is. And last thing I want to let you know that I don't care about his money, I'm working hard to earn my own money, so get lost!

Girl: I'm giving you my number just incase you change your mind, Thankyou!

Michelle shuts the phone off and continue working. Anthony approach her and ask her what happened.

Anthony's first goal is to be rich that's why he got shock when the Company called him. Since Michelle rejected the company, Anthony force Michelle to accept the deal and Anthony is going to make her a super star. Michelle got a little excitement for what she heard from her boss.

Michelle: Are you sure with that?

Anthony: I'm sure I definitely will. Just accept that deal

Michelle: Okay sir.

Anthony: Okay, give me the number that the girl just gave you.

Anthony is doing his best just to get that deal. Anthony calls the company..

Girl: Yes hello, may I help you?

Anthony: Uhm, Michelle decided that she changed her mind. And she's accepting the deal that you guys were asking for.

Girl: Really? That's great!

Anthony's next plan is making Michelle pretend that she's dating Raven so Anthony get some more money from the interviews and something. Since they got the deal, Anthony decided to invite an interviewer and make a money deal.

4 days later..

An interviewer come up to Michelle and she has no idea what's going on.

Michelle: Uhm, what is this for?

Interviewer: Your boss told me that you're dating Raven and that's why I'm here to talk about it.

Michelle: Wait wait wait, what? Can you stay here for a while? I'm going out for a second to ask my boss about this okay?

Michelle ask her boss about the interview thingy and Anthony explain the full detail why this interviewer wants to talk to her. Michelle doesn’t tell lies but she has to do the command of her boss because her biggest dream is to be a star and that's the deal between her and Anthony. The interview begins..

Interviewer: There's are rumor that I've heard from some people that you and Raven are dating? Also your boss agreed with it. Is that true?

Michelle: Yes, we are. Actually i don’t want to talk about this because you know I don't want to get involved to some stupid issues, and also Raven doesn’t want this kind of stuff so..

Interviewer: Oh I see, but your boss just invited me to come over and do this. You know what? You're very lucky because many girls are trying to chase Raven but no one succeed. Anyways, can you tell me the first thing happened between you and Raven?

Michelle: I was in the airport two weeks ago, he was walking passed by over and over and he was trying to get my attention, I felt that. And the second thing happened was he came up to me and saying, will you give me your number? Yeah he is a good looking guy, but like really? I gave him my number because you know, he might just wanted to be friends and that's fine with me. And yeah we were exchanging text every time, every morning, before we go to bed, saying sweet stuffs to each other. And after a while he just texted me out of nowhere and saying, " I LOVE YOU " can you imagine how weird is that? But yeah I like the way it sounds. Since our feelings are mutual, so I said the same. And yeah.. That's it I won't tell some more, because some of them are like romancing and stuffs and I'd keep them as my privacy.

Interviewer: Wow, I really love your story and the way you say it, you were like really in love. People would definitely like this. The newspaper will release in 3-4 days so wait for it okay? And anyways, thank you for having me here!

Michelle: Okay thanks bye!

Every single words that Michelle just said is fake. It's not true she's just making a fake story because her boss wants her to this.

1 week later, Raven seen the news and get shock and really pissed off. Raven doesn’t even know who Michelle is and he seen a fake story from a newspaper. Raven gets a bunch of assistants to find where is Michelle located at.

Michelle is busy at work doing her project and getting some people for commercials. Many people are applying for this project.

Raven come up and go into Michelle's office. Since Michelle is doing her project Raven needs to wait for his turn to speak with her until he gets to the point that Michelle is in front of him and he gets shock he feels like he is talking to an angel at the moment.

Michelle: Hi! Are you applying for the commercials?

Raven: Uhm no.. I just want to ask you about the..

*Michelle interrupts, and saying..

Michelle: Not again, is it about between Raven and I? Haha, you know what? I'm tired of interviews can you not? Anyways, I'm looking for someone that would do the underwear commercial, are you down?

Raven gets confused and kind of happy. Michelle don't know that she is talking to Raven and saying stuffs about Raven while she is talking to that person.

Michelle: Hello? Are you going to say yes or what? I'm waiting..

Raven: Oh I'm really sorry. You're pretty.

Michelle: I know but I'm asking you if you're doing the project that I just asked you lately.

Raven: Oh yeah yeah maybe I'll give you my number incase okay?

They exchange number and make a plan to meet each other somewhere and do the commercial thingy. They meet at the park and make a little role for the commercial. They actually make a conversation instead of doing a role..

Michelle: So I'm giving you an option if you'd do an underwear commercial or a medicine commercial?

Raven really don't want to make a commercial he just wanted to meet her and see her. Michelle thinks that Raven accepted the project because he needs money, but the truth is Raven is getting unexplainable feelings for Michelle.

Raven: Can we eat first before we do this role?

Michelle: I've already eat this morning but you seem hungry so let's go.

They leave the park and find a restaurant to eat. While they're eating together they're telling each other's life story.

Michelle: Hey! I don't know your name yet! *laughs*

Raven: Oh I was waiting you to ask me that question too! Anyways, my name is Christian, you're Michelle right?

Michelle: Yes, nice meeting you!

Raven is pretending to be a different person and he's not showing his car, his money, not wearing a fancy clothes, or anything else about him just being a normal person. They did not notice the time and it was already late.

Michelle: You done eating? Do you need something else?

Raven: No I'm already full. I'll be back I'll just pay for it.

Michelle: You don't have to. I'll pay for you.

Raven: No! I can pay my own food.

Michelle: Just stay here and I'll be back okay?

While Michelle is at the counter paying for his foods, Raven's looking at her and saying to himself that Michelle has a good inside and out in a simple word, she is adorable.

Michelle: Hello? Are you daydreaming? *laughs*

Raven: Oh I'm sorry

Michelle: Aha, that's okay I also do that every time at work.

Raven: Really? What are you dreaming for?

Michelle: To be a superstar someday.. How about you?

Raven: *whispering* to be with you someday.

Michelle: Sorry, what?

Raven: Oh aha, nothing. Anyways, thank you for paying my food i really appreciate it!

Michelle: No problem, Bye Christian!! See you..

Raven still want to hang with Michelle but she has to go home to make a schedule for a project with someone

A week later, Anthony's friend wants him to make a party and invite Raven and Michelle but he don't know what to do because he knows that they're only pretending for money. Anthony tells Michelle about it but she also don't know what to do. Michelle has an idea to get a fake person as Raven.

Anthony: That's a good Idea but make sure that he's a good looking guy to make more specific and to make people believe okay?

Michelle: Yes sir.

After a while, Michelle got a guy named Raymond. And they practicing how they'll about to do at the party.

Michelle: Okay, my friend Christian is coming in 20 minutes and i want you to make him believe that you're Raven okay? Be ready you could do it.

Raymond: Yes of course, I've been practicing for an hour so i could do that..

20 minutes later Raven shows up and meet this guy and this is what happen.

Michelle: Oh Christian there you are! Meet my boyfriend!

Raymond: Hey what's good? Nice to meet you I'm Raven, and you?

Raven: *Laughs so hard*

Michelle and Raymond gets confused why Raven is laughing..

Michelle: Why you laughing Christian? Is there something wrong? Or funny I guess?

Raven: *can't stop laughing* nothing nothing.. What's your name again bro?

Raymond: Raven, and obviously I am the owner of Raven.co..

Raven can't stop laughing until Michelle give up and tell Raven what's really going on.

Michelle: I have something to admit you Christian, and I want you to help me because this guy is so bad at pretending and I know that you could help me with this.

Raven: Why are you guys doing this?

Michelle: Okay listen, I feel bad because I really don't know who the crap is Raven. My boss and I are having a party on Friday night and his co-workers wanted Raven to join the party because they believed that we are dating so.. Please help me with this I will pay you please Christian please..

Raven: I understand.. and you don't have to pay me. Friday night right? Okay I'll be there.

Michelle: Really?! Thank you so much Christian!

Michelle hugs Raven so tight and Raven feels the love from Michelle, he don't think if It's really love or he's just assuming. To make the story short, the party ends and Michelle thinks that they succeed.

Michelle: You're really good at pretending Christian I really like the way you did! High five!!

Raven don't give her the high five, he looks at her in the eyes and saying..

Raven: I love you..

Michelle: What?

Raven: I love you.. And I want to marry you..

Michelle: Why are you saying this? Like are you serious? Why you take so fast.. Like we just met 2 weeks ago and now you're telling me this..

Raven: I'm not too fast. I've been thinking about this since the second day I've met you..

Michelle: I'm not expecting this.. You're making me speechless actually.. Okay give me a day to think about it okay? and wait, don't be mad if I say No okay? Whatever my

answer is, that's my answer.. It's too late I'm going home now bye Christian!! Thank you for helping me out take care!

Raven is already in love with this girl already. He don't show his car to Michelle or even wearing a fancy things on just to impress Michelle, because he wants to get accepted by Michelle the way he is. Later that night, Michelle is still confused for what she heard from Raven she can't even sleep.

Tomorrow morning, Raven texted Michelle..

Raven: Hey Michelle, good morning! :) Christian here.. So can we meet after lunch? I mean let's lunch together and I'll pay for it like what you did to me last time hehe..

Michelle: Oh hey Christian! :) Okay see you at the park.

After a while, at the park..

Michelle: Uhm.. Christian!

Raven: Yes?

Michelle: Uhm.. I want to say that.. Uhm..

Raven: What is it? Haha

Michelle: Remember last night? That I'll give my answer tomorrow so.. Before I say yes, I want to get 3 cars..

Raven: 3 cars? That's too much. What would you do with those?

Michelle: Okay listen, when I was a child my Dad really loved cars and he had 3 cars and then, my uncle cheated on him and get all of those cars from him. And after that, my dad got stressed, he was always drunk, and you know.. These happened to him every day and no one couldn't stop him even his mother, until he died. So I promise to myself that no one couldn't get my heart until I get those cars back.

Raven: Oh i see, so 3 cars?

Michelle: Yes 3 cars.

Raven: Okay I'm going to work hard to get those cars for you okay?

Michelle hugs him.. To be honest that's really easy for me. i could get her cars easily but it's kind of confusing right? Why would she needs cars for her heart? i don't know.. But nothing's wrong to try so let's go..

Raven ask his assistant to make a fake raffle and invite Michelle into it. Raven wants to take this fast so he starts making Michelle's request.

After a week ago..

Michelle texted Raven..

Michelle: Hey Christian I have something to show you! So please meet me after lunch okay? Remember, at the park! See you!

Raven: Okay see you Michelle!

At the park Michelle shows her new car to Raven

Michelle! Tadaaaa! See that?

Raven: Wow! Where did you get this from?

Michelle: You wouldn't believe me! But i got it from raffle!!

Raven: How lucky you are!! So 2 more cars, yes?

Michelle: Yes! *toss the key* Go drive it!!

Raven succeed by giving his first car to Michelle, but Michelle did not know that the car she got was from Raven, all she knew that she got it from raffle.

Since Raven was with Michelle all the time so he thinks he needs a break time for that. He also needs to get back to work because he almost forget about it. So he needs an excuse for Michelle.

Raven calls Michelle..

Michelle: Hey Christian, what's good?

Raven: Uhm, I won't be here for a week I think? I need to visit my Grand Mother she's being sick all over the week and the doctor said that she needs an operation to get rid of it so..

Michelle: Aw.. But Christian, promise me that you'll be okay, and take care. And I'm hoping that you'll be here after, okay? Anyways I want to give you something before you leave. Meet me at the park at 7 PM..

Raven: I promise. Okay I'll be there see you..

Michelle decides to sell her car just to help Raven and his Grand Mother because she thinks that this is the best way to give him a big help.

7PM at the park..

Michelle gives the money..

Raven: Michelle? What is this for?

Michelle: I sold the car, keep that for your Grand Mother's operation okay?

Raven: Oh my God! Are you being serious right now?! Why would you sell your car, I didn't ask you for help!! that is important to you!

Michelle: No Christian, it's okay.. Don't worry about it. I want yo ou to keep that and take care of your Grandma okay?Give me an update for what's happening around you. I'll see you next week!

Raven fell into tears.. He hugs Michelle and gives her a forehead kiss.

Raven: I love you Michelle, I'll be back okay? I'm going to miss you. Bye..

Michelle: I'm going to miss you too Christian, Bye take care as always..

I thought she's just the same with the other girls that the most important is money, I thought she was a gold digger, but i was wrong, all these thoughts are WRONG!! When I come back, I am going to tell her that I am Raven, not Christian.

3 days after.. Michelle witnessed a crime at the park that the kids are being kidnap and she tries to fight the kidnapper and call a police. The kidnapper run away from the police so he didn’t get arrest.

Michelle calls Raven..

Raven: Hey Michelle, how are you?

Michelle: Christian, you know what? I witnessed a crime earlier..

Raven: What?! Are you okay?

Michelle: Yes I am, nothing to worry about, I tried to stop the kidnapper and the good thing was, the police came early so no one of us gets hurt. But the bad thing is the kidnapper didn't get arrest because he ran so fast like really fast..

Raven: Oh you make me nervous. You're really good person. Anyways, I have something to tell you when I get back there. You don't know lot of things about me yet.

Michelle: What is it? We're already talking so tell it to me please?

Raven: Aha, no Michelle, I want you to know in general. Remember? I'll be there tomorrow night so just wait a little bit more okay? I miss you Michelle.

Michelle: Okay, I miss you to Christian! Bye..

Michelle is already in love.. She thinks that the feelings are already mutual, so she's going to say yes to Raven without those cars when he comes back.

Tomorrow night.. Michelle is at home making foods for Raven, and she wants to welcome back surprise Him so she's being busy at the moment. Suddenly, she gets a random call from somebody and she thinks it is Raven but it's not..

Michelle: Hello? Who's this?

Unknown: is this Michelle?

Michelle: Yes I am..

Unknown: OH, if you're not at home, just please stay outside and do not go into your house! Not even near to your house I'm warning you. Remember me? I was the kid at the park last week. The kidnapper is in your house and he's with someone too i think they're three, so please do not go in.

Michelle don't know what to do, she's hiding in the closet and praying that this wouldn't her last breath.. While Raven is outside knocking the door and calling her name. Michelle heard it, so she calls Raven via contact but the bad thing is Raven's phone isn't with him.

Raven gets confused because all the lights are closed, so he went back to his car to check his phone and see 3 missed calls from Michelle, so he calls back to know where she at, then the kidnappers hears the ringtone and they already know where is she hiding in. Suddenly she gets caught and get killed.

I'm regretting for what happened to you Michelle, I'm really sorry this is all my fault. I didn't even tell you that I am Raven, you'll always be in my heart. Until we meet again..

Raven gets in the house and see a cake on the table with a message on saying..

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