Deforestation By saphire banks


I learnt many interesting facts while creating my webpage. I learnt how bad deforestation really is and how many animals are killed or affected from it. It was sad to hear all the true facts about deforestation but i enjoyed learning about everything. When i was drawing the image of the tree and the human i thought of things i could add like the koala and the pick chipping away at the tree hand. It turned out really nice and in a way represents some kind of peace between humans and forests. I was very shocked by some facts of If i was to do it again i would most likely draw a different picture including my animals and actual trees being cut down. I would keep the rest the same but most likely add more information. I used a rhetorical question, facts and images to persuade the readers to believe and act on my topic. At the start of the webpage being build i was very confused on how Adobe Spark worked and how i would put all the information i learnt into a image and text. I needed to ask many questions about how to complete this task, but in the end i came up with a good webpage with some decent information. Overall i really enjoyed this task and learnt a lot from it.

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Saphire Banks

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