Carlock's Chronicle DELAYED DEPARTURE

Arriving at the airport early is always a good thing and waiting at the gate is certainly much better than rushing through security with the anxiety and fear of possibly missing a flight. But waiting is never fun. Most of us have had the experience of sitting at the gate, or worse yet, after boarding the plane, when the announcement comes over the loudspeaker, "Ladies and gentlemen, due to...???...there will be a slight delay in our departure." That slight delay tends to be longer than originally planned. Impatience, frustration, and anger quickly begins to show among the passengers. It rarely does any good at speeding up the process or getting the flight off the ground any earlier. In fact it's often directed at those who have no control over the delay and can do nothing to fix the problem. Truth is we're not really good at waiting and patience is a lesson we'd rather not learn.

Well, we're in school anyway and patience is a part of the it's better to pass the test than have to relearn the lesson.

Marcia and I had hoped to know something definite about our visas in January or February and we planned to be back in Israel by this time. Unfortunately we're dealing with bureaucracies in the Middle East and our 'flight has been delayed'. I'll confess to all three...impatience, frustration and anger. Fortunately God's grace and assurance that He is in control keeps us in a calm state of waiting with expectation and patience...most of the time...and only by His grace :-)

We would appreciate your continued prayers for the necessary visas to return to the field in God's time and according to His will.

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