Good Life Tour of the Harn Ilham Boucekkine

Technique: This piece is called "El Encuentro" or "The Encounter" and it was made by Angel Botello. It may seem chaotic and tough to understand at first. However, after really paying attention to every detail, it's clear that there are faces and people interacting with each other in a rather odd manner. The composition of the artwork as a whole encourages the viewer to really take the time and analyze every component of the piece. The artwork overwhelmed me at first but I was able to appreciate it with time. There's beauty in the chaos.
Design: With respect to the design of the museum, the David A. Cofrin Art wing was particularly appealing to me. The first thing that caught my eye was the clean and sleek design of the wing. The wood theme was beautiful. Inside the wing, I was immediately immersed in art with different colors, shapes, and sizes. The space itself was illuminated with sunlight allowing for a greater appreciation for the art itself. The art ranged from simple artifacts to spiritual statues. This wing made me feel excited about the art inside. It was a bright and positive vibe.
Core Values: This artwork is called "Desnudo en frente de espejo concavo" and it was created by Armando Morales. The artwork depicts nude females looking at themselves in the mirror. While different people may see this piece to mean many different things, it really spoke to my core value of confidence or having love for myself. In today's society there is pressure on women to physically look a certain way. Many women are uncomfortable with their bodies and won't even look at themselves in the mirror. Personally, I think it's important to love my own body and appreciate who I am. This piece reminds me that even in my bare form, I am beautiful. This is something every one should strive to see in themselves.
This piece in the Asian Art wing is of a "Seated Buddha". It's a form of Gandhara art. The Good Life theme depicted in this piece enlightenment or at least the search for it. Buddha is the epitome of the search for spiritual guidance and insight. Buddha provides a foundation for spirituality and the steps to reach that point. Thee artwork shows Buddha as a simple and relaxed character who is meditating. This adds to my understanding of enlightenment in the sense that in order to find it, one must look within themselves first.

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