Reflective Log Journal 7 By shawn maiden

Monday - Today i did not come into college due to being very ill so i did not work on anything for the day, however i did speak to Thomas and had asked him what has been going on for the day which he had spoken back telling me that he had done work such as, completing his drawing of a sword. and a few tile-sets and making a poster as he did not have anything else to do.

The poster Thomas had made
Thomas had made the bottom tile-sets (Which i soon updated on Wednesday)

How - Thomas was at college for the day, so he spent most of the day seeing what he could do and so he spent the day doing the sword creation while as doing a few tile-sets which he made a poster.

Why - The reason why he did those things was because either way they would have been made, and because he had nothing else to do he felt like he could do those things.

Because - The reason why Thomas had made those things for the day was because i'm currently ill and could not come into college.

Tuesday - Today i haven't done anything due to studying for Maths and English, but i'm going to recreate the Tile-sets Thomas had made while as create animations for the Character.

Thursday - Today i had spent all day creating Animations for the Character while as making more parts to the tile-sets/ upgrading the tile-sets.

Character Stance
Character Running Left
Character Running Right
Character Jumping
Character Death

How - I had taken the previous tile-sets and changed them into new tile-sets (Image above) While as i had made Animations for the character from Photoshop.

Why - Either way i would have had to do this for the game, so i decided to do it now since the game is starting to be made.

Friday - Today i had gotten feedback for what iv'e done so far, mostly mentioned was improving the work by mentioning things and showing proof while as showing what had supported our ideas. As those things was greatly missed out time after time, i'm going to look at these things more and learn from my mistakes as what is expected of me. However I did create more things for the game during this day, I had created some pickups to pick from.

During this week, I hoped to have made more animations for the main character but I was limited on time so sadly I couldn't have.

I liked how the poster was made so I had a good feeling about the game, but I really didn't like how Thomas had made it in his spare time because he got bored, it was my responsibility to create it so I feel a bit dishonored.

I feel like I should have made the poster, which obviously I should have but Thomas did it so there was no turning back on it now, I just hope it doesn't affect me greatly.

Also, the fact I hadn't done the poster was quiet the teaser indeed. Next time ill be sure to do it before anyone else and that is a promise.

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