My First Semester By: Emma Schildmeier

My first semester was a blast i made three new friends on my second day of school. I was in Mr. Roller's engineering class, and P. E. In all that time I was in Mr. Roller's my favorite project was the lollipop licking machine. A lollipop licking machine is a machine that you crank to make a sponge lick a lollipop. In December I tried out for the basketball team . I came so close to making it. The next couple of days passed and I received an email asking me if I wanted to be a basketball manager and I accepted. A couple months earlier i tried out for the golf team and I made it. At the end of the nine weeks I received a certificate for being on the all A honor roll. At the Fall Sports Awards i received a plaque that said i received all A's during the period of time that I was on the team. I would not trade my first semester of middle school for anything.


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