Tom Sawyer chapter 7 the END of every thing

3 years after the death of Injun Joe , Tom was the owner of Jackson's island and Huck built a house on the island for them. The sun was rising, it was a beautiful sunny summer vacation day and the two boys were on the island. They were getting tired of their house because their was not many thing to do there. But, one day, they decided to go in the cave again. The days before, they asked Aunt Poly to create a long rope so she did 1 kilometer of rope. They arrived to the cave and they entered it. Some parts of the first tunnel was destroyed because of the rain. Five long minute in the cave ad past but, they were not lost like they were suppose to be. The rope was attached to a pole at the entrance. At one moment they felt a little bounce on the string but they did not worry about it. After ten minutes of walking, the rope started pulling Tom and Huck backwards. Something was pulling them really fast. When they saw the light at the exterior again of the cavern, they saw a wolf. He was running with the rope in is mouth. In a second, the wolf was very far from them so they decided to abandon. The day past and the boys didn't went again in the cave. One day, a big forest fire killed mostly all the people of St-Petersburg. Tom and Huck died asleep and only the church did not burnt. Some person survived but they got hungry very fast and also sick because of the smoke made by the fire. Only after five days, St-Petersburg was a big pile of ash and some dead body.


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