Good Life Performance: The Devine By: Lilly Folds

Introduction: My name is Lilly Folds and I attended the Good Life Performance: The Devine. I had heard different views about this play but I went into the theater with an open-mind. My roommate and I choose to go together so we could discuss the play together. The performance was the best performance I had ever seen. This play re-opened my mind to theater and reminded how amazing live-theater is.

The Spatial Experience: When I entered the Reitz union, I was surrounded by many students standing outside the theater. This overwhelmed me but the smiles that all students where sharing calmed me down. When I entered the theater I was amazed how many students where there. My roommate and I got great seats in the middle of the room. I was excited about our positioning in the theater. When I sat down I analyzed the stage and thought it looked like an orphanage. I made friends with the girl sitting next to me who was also just as confused as I was. All the sudden the theater went silent. When I looked up the stage had snow falling behind the windows. The whole room thought the play was about to start so we stayed silent for two minutes almost. I looked at the time and we were 8 minutes early. I was confused but excited to watch the play. Slowly but surely the crowd began to talk again because the play did not start. I believe the size of the auditorium didn't affect my experience at all. Its a perfectly sized auditorium in my opinion. I did have a lot of confusion about the character Sarah Bernhardt but my peers helped me understand my confusion. I also still don't understand why the one priest committed suicide at the end.

The Social Experience: My roommate and I rushed to make some dinner and throw on appropriate clothes for the performance. I had drove five hours to get back in town to watch the play together with her. When I got back in Gainesville that day, I almost forgot about the performance until I looked at the time. We got to the performance as early as we could and sat in the middle of the auditorium. We sat next to another student who came by herself. We worked together with her to understand unspoken conflicts in the play. At intermission we never stopped talking about things we were gathering from the play. I believe that shared experiences are one of the best experiences. It is great to reflect upon memories and laugh all over again with friends. Sometimes your friends remind you of experiences you forgot. If we lost all of those good memories then we would loose a part of our good life.

The cultural and intellectual experience: This play was great at showing why its great to defy rules and stand up for what you believe in. Sarah Bernhardt was frowned upon in Quebec. Even when they told her to cancel her performance, she denied to do so. They leaders in the city did this because she did not represent their religious opinions. They wanted to keep art and creativity from the community just because of her ungodly representation. The central issue I believed that was addressed in the play was kids working in a factory. I believe it really helped me dive into the decade this play was set in. It gave us an idea of how the kids were mistreated. I understood why the parents had the kids working. The family needed money and the employers needed cheap workers. I think this play is still happening in our world though. Such as workers in third world countries. They receive horrible pay and are living in harsh conditions just so we can continue to have our nice electronics and clothing. I think this play can be related to students attending universities. We acquire so much debt and pay for expensive housing just to graduate and not have a job. We work so hard and don't receive any money. Students are what makes our society so brilliant though. We are penalized with student debt because we are bettering our society.

The emotional experience: The play The Devine: a play for Sarah Bernhardt is excellent in coming clean with all the problem going on in with the less fortunate. This play must have opened many minds in the upper class. Their was many issues with children working in factories during this age. Many people turned their eyes away from the truth because they wanted cheap items. The scene were Sarah visits the factory really showed the audience the truth about factories. This play also portrayed a teacher who was raping several students and got away with it because of his authority. They frowned upon the underdog telling the public about the wrong doing of high authorities. I believe this play showed why it is okay for the underdogs to tell the truth. Sarah Bernhardt hit to public at then end with the truth about why art should not be banned or frowned upon. This play must have been very contradictory in many societies.

This is me leaving the play!

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