Edward Weston Drew Waelde

Edward Henry Weston was born in 1886. He is not alive anymore, he passed away in 1958

Weston's type of photography was black and white and landscape.

Some types of techniques he used when taking photos were macro photography, he usually took pictures of things close up. He another technique was black and white. One more technique he used was panoramic photography for when he took landscape photos.
I really like the perspective from where he is when he takes his photos, it really intrigues me. I chose Weston because landscape photos always catch my eye, along with black and white photography.
During his lifetime Weston worked with several cameras. He began as a more serious photographer in 1902 when he purchased a 5 x 7 camera. In 1911 he acquired an enormous 11 x 14 Graf Variable studio portrait camera. He bought a 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ Graflex in 1912. When he went to Mexico in 1924 he took an 8 × 10 Seneca folding-bed view camera with several lenses, including a Graf Variable and a Wollensak Verito. While in Mexico he purchased a used Rapid Rectilinear lens which he was his primary lens for many years. He also took to Mexico a 3¼ × 4¼ Graflex with a f/4.5 Tessar lens. In 1933 he purchased a 4 x 5 R. B. Auto-Grafe.
A fun fact about Edward Weston is that he didn't get his first camera till he was 16, his dad gave it to him as a gift. He started off as a door to door portrait photographer and later moved onto landscape and black and white.

His dad really influenced him to take pictures, hence why he gave Weston a camera as a gift.

The lighting Weston typically used when taking his landscape photography was front light. He used that type of lighting because he wanted the sun to shine on the view of the landscape he was taking.

Edward Weston worked for American Photography, Photo Era and Photo Miniature. As for his photos were published in their magazines.

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