Genyes Period 6

Overall this is what the drone looks like the drone is called The Phantom 3 Advanced. Well I learned how to fly both drones The Phantom 3 and The Parrot. The new skills that I learned from the Phantom 3 was how to move in a 360 circulation in one spot and I learned how to land the drone with out crashing.
Another important thing that we have learned is Green Screening. In green screening we learned how to make a picture move behind us or just put a picture behind as a background for are video. One thing that caught my eye on green screening was how we can make a video about a background inputed on the green screen.
We explored the spider drone and what it could do. The drone can move multiple ways and it can do flips. I learned from the spider drone how to code it to move and do flips and how to free fly it. The teachers can use it to help the students with coding and free flying and just to have fun.
What I learned about google sites is how to work with and how to do it by myself. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files. You can add web pages and other apps, including Sites, and another thing you can add are calendar's and pictures and videos. Well one way is that an "open" (public) site where anyone in the world can access and view your content. or a "closed" (private) site where only those individuals you "invite" can access, communicate, and collaborate
We played with the Dash and Dot and learned how to use it. The Dash and Dot can move around and play instruments using different parts. I learned how to code it and make it move. They can teach kids coding and drawing paths with their fingers

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