Fairy Tales of the World Antilles

Emerald green water




Robert D. San Souci


A Carribean fairy tale with a familiar plot portrays Cendrillon as the daughter of a widower mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister.

Cendrillon's godmother narrates the tale and recounts her role in helping her beloved goddaughter find true love.

Typical Characteristics

Cendrillon does not have a special beginning. It begins with a description of the

green-green island in the so-blue Mer des Antilles (San Souci).


Cendrillon's godmother uses her magic wand to turn

[s]ix agoutis in a cage [into] six splendid carriage horses (San Souci).

Connection to Antilles

San Souci's word choice is specific to the French spoken in the Carribean Islands. Titles used for people such as Monsieur further illustrate the story's origin.

Also, animals and fruit mentioned in the tale are native to the area.

Bread Fruit


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