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" What if I fall?"

To most people this may sound metaphorical and figurative but not to someone that has fallen before. I fell into abyss of darkness. But I realized that the light would not be visible without darkness. I am working on finding my light again.

"Oh my Darling, what if you fly?"

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

tom & Jerry war

Group Photo

Exercise 2: Viral content


Drug abuse has become a worldwide problem in modern times. Drug means a habit-forming substance which is taken pleasure or excitement and which induces sleep or produces insensibility. The numbers of people using drugs have been growing instantly and problems are created in our society because of the drug abuse. In drug traffic, thousands of men and billions of dollars are involved. This is the reason why it is so difficult to keep it under control.


Drug is generally prepared from opium and other harmful substances and chemicals. This intoxicating evil is introduced in the market under various names. Drugs are harmful but why do people still take it? When a drug is taken for the first time, it stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. It is for sake of pleasure that most users first get accustomed to it. They take drugs to forget pain, sorrow, insult, and to escape from reality.


Drugs are taken in various forms. Some are taken through injection, some are smoked and some are chewed and swallowed. Drugs are mostly sold in deserted houses, lonely places, hotels, parks, and street corners. Drugs ruin an addict morally, it also affects him physically. Drug abuse may negatively affect the kidneys and the brain. Harmful drugs attacks the nervous system. Besides, it causes loss of appetite, brings drowsiness all the time and saps one’s strength and stamina.


Drug addiction among youth can be prevented if the youth are taught of its harmful consequences. If the young people are aware of the harmful effects of drug abuse, they would avoid drug abuse at the first instance. Hence, drug abuse preventive programs, if implemented effectively at schools and colleges, can become the most successful method to reduce and alleviate the problem of Drug addiction among youth. Let us all decide today that we will never abuse any drug. We should all stand together to fight against this massive problem.


Exercise 3: Infographics

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Description : The Bee is a social loyalty applications that allows everyone to earn loyalty points when you shop or dine . Everyone can use these points to redeem vouchers or freebies or even trade your points with your friends !

A) By using THE BEE , we can collect our loyalty points in this app . As well as Trade your "Honey" with friends. *Honey is the name of our stamps*

B) Visit the places you like and we reward you for visiting your favourite merchants. Remember to collect "Honey" from every purchase you make.

C) Just an example , I go to Bubble Tea merchants to buy a cup of bubble tea and i able get a loyalty stamp , second time we get another stamp and again and again . Until the last stamp we could get a cup of free bubble tea but i forgot to bring my card . Why do we have to bring plenty of card if we have THE BEE Loyalty App ?

Splash Screen
Login Screen
Fan Wall
QR CodeW

Assignment 2: Video

Adventure to The Hidden Gem - Pulau Ketam, is one of the place in Malaysia that provide fresh and delicious seafood dishes. In addition, this place also has the best opportunity for visitors and tourist to witness and experience the rural side of Klang. The objectives for this social media page is to gather seafood lovers around the world in order to have a whole new experience of the sea. This social media page also target travelers , tourists and local family. We put our experience to advertise the social page about the location and at the same time trying the food that is available only in the location and not anywhere else.

Mindmap & Moodboard



Script / treatment


Adventure to the hidden gem



Group members gather around to start the amazing adventure to Pulau Ketam

Yin wei:

Hey Everyone ! We are currently at Taylors University and we are ready to start our amazing adventure to Pulau Ketam ! Stay tuned !


Are you guys excited ?! Let’s GO !

Group members continue their journey.


Group members reach the destination and introducing the place.

Syasha :

Finally, we have arrived at Pulau Ketam!Let’s us start our adventure now and we will show you what is the hidden Gem in Pulau Ketam !

Members start walking to find seafood restaurant.

Members go in a restaurant and find a seat.


Group members reviewing the restaurant.

Yin Wei & Daphne(V.O):

We are so hungry right now ! Shall we order the famous dishes now ?

“After finished our food” - Give Reviews of the food

Walk out restaurant to find second restaurant.

Members cycle and walk around Pulau Ketam .


Group members share experiences about their adventure at Pulau Ketam.


Share experience

Daphne & Yin wei:

Share experience

Amy & Syasya & Rachel:

-Share experience



Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

The expressions of a unikong (Unicorn)

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