learning guide 6

KEY READING SUMMARY- What controls the exposure of a camera? There are multiple factors that lead the amount of exposure. ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed all contribute to how much exposure a camera uses. The amount of each individual part can make your photograph the way you want. The ISO ratings determine how sensitive the image sensor is to light.

QUESTIONS- 1- A stop is a setting on your camera that you can adjust to how long or short you want your shutter speed to be at and whatever you put that setting on is a stop. When the shutter stops, that is considered a "stop."

2- Aperture can effect depth of field because aperture is how much or how little light you allow to enter the camera. If you change the aperture on the camera it can effect the depth of field tremendously.

3- If you have your shutter speed set for a long time you let more light come in. The more light you let come in, the more exposure you get. Focal length can play a big role in the shutter speed because if you are zoomed all the way out or all the way in it can effect the way your picture looks.

4- When you are taking a close up picture or when you are trying to zoom in on something.



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