Pneumonia at it´s finest


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild to severe illness in people of all ages. Depending on the cause, it can often be treated with medicine or prevented with vaccines. However, it is still the leading infectious cause of death in children younger than 5 years old worldwide. Common signs of pneumonia include cough, fever, and difficulty breathing. You can help prevent pneumonia and other respiratory infections by following good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands regularly and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, taking good care of your medical problems, and quitting smoking.


Some of the main causes for pneumonia are: Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. Pneumonia is one of the main causes of death in young children, with a 10 to 25% mortality rate in infancy.


The main way to prevent Pneumonia is to wash hands frequently, or to use the proper application of vaccines. Or you can apply antibiotics or medication if diagnosed.


The main ways that you can identify pneumonia are: Fevers and chills, cough, Rapid or difficulty Breathing and Chest Pains. If you see any of these symptoms you should begin to seek medical help.

I´m no doctor but this pig-man looks pretty sick, he is seen here coughing
Doctor lady has seen pig-mans infection and is ready to apply the proper vaccines
Doctor lady applying vaccines
Pig-man is all better!

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