Imperialism Koa

Imperialism is when a stronger country overthrows or takes over a weaker country.

An example of this is Hawaii. Hawaii was illegally taken by the U.S on Jan. 17 1893 when a group of businessmen and sugar planters FORCED Queen Lili' uokalani to abdicate. And to this day, the Hawaiian nation is still fighting for their freedom

Another example of Imperialism is when Great Britain took over India. India is a big country, they are one of the most populated countries in the world. And comparing them to Britain, you would think that they could fend them off. But Britain supplied them with most of their belongings.

Great Britain also took over Canada and was strong in much of Canada in the decades after confederation. But, years went by and Canada was still run by the British Empire, until Canada made sacrifices on Britain's side in overseas wars, imperialist loyalties declined and Canadians demanded and won full autonomy within the emp

In 1492, Columbus's arrival, Cuba became a Spanish colony, ruled by a Spanish governor in Havana. Cuba is now ruled by the Spaniards.

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