Florida Museum of Natural History By: Taylor Shaw

Nature on Display

My favorite part of the entire museum was the Butterfly Rainforest. The design of the landscape was very pretty and reminded me of a tropical or rainforest. This created an air of tranquility for both the butterfly and the visitors walking through. I have always enjoyed activities that allow me to have a hands or experience with animals. While I was sitting on one of the benches, a butterfly landed on my arm. I had the ability to see the butterfly up close in person, instead of just a picture like some of the other exhibits. Although it may sound clique, seeing how peaceful and beautiful these small animals are really made me appreciate nature and I considered how the butterfly could have their own simple good life.

Nature and Ethics

A big problem in society would be trying to find ways to improve conservation like Leopold stated. The first step in conservation is having humans start acknowledging and taking care of the environment. The "Our Energy Future" exhibit caught my eye because recently I have heard a lot about people trying to convert to solar power as a way of conservation. The idea of conservation allows for every single person to have an impact on our earth's environment. Incorporating solar power in my daily life is very unrealistic but the colorful wheel that I took a picture of offers other suggestion for how people can help save the environment by making small changes. The most relatable example would be saving power by unplugging lights, printers, or chargers. After this exhibit I am now more aware of my actions and things around me to help protect the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The exhibit of South Florida People and Environments allowed me to step out of my ordinary life and perspective. The exhibit was of people who lived before my time and lived their lives totally different than I do currently. Their main way to get food was to go out and hunt or fish. The nets used for fishing were made of of all natural materials unlike the man-made material most people use today. These are all examples of how people today are becoming disconnected with nature and that can weaken the human spirit. Seeing the way these people lived makes we realize and appreciate all the benefits of nature.

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