Larry's Habitat By: Falon Helsel


OH NO! Our classroom pet Larry the Lizard is sad. Larry is sad because he just does not feel at home in his cage. We need to find a way to make Larry happy again. The only way we are going to succeed at that is to make Larry a new home. Your objective will be to create a habitat that is fit for Larry and the kind of lizard species that he is. Upon creating a habitat you will need to explain why this habitat works best for Larry.

W.5.7 Conduct short research projects that use several sources to build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic. (5-PS1-2),(5-PS1-3),( 5-PS1-4)


By the end I will have accomplished...

At the end of this webquest you will have accomplished a successful habitat for our pet Larry.


As a lizard specialist which is what you will be by the end of this webquest, you will need to be able to know the ends and out about the reptile species that we hold in our classroom. You will need to know what type of environment it lives in, what it takes for it to survive and why this is the best way to take care of the type of lizard that we have. By the end you will be able to answer what type of habitat out type of lizard lives in? What it takes to take care of our type of lizard?


Along with being accurate with your habitat research you will also have a lot of room to be as creative as you can with this project. You will need to be creative in the fact of the types of materials that you will need to use in order to create the habitat. Some examples of materials that you can use is a cardboard box, an actual cage, grass, sticks, foam. Let your imagination soar with this project while being as accurate to the research that you find about the type of lizard we have in our classroom.



If you have not figured out yet what kind of lizard that we have in our classroom then you will now. Here I will provide you with the resources and the steps that you need in order to accomplish this task successfully.

1, Research information about the lizard species.

2. Brainstorm what materials you are going to use to build a habitat with. Build your habitat.

3. Create a word document of your process of your work and why you had chosen that type of habitat. This must be double spaced and one page long.


Learn some cool facts about our Larry the Lizard's species.

Enjoy this cartoon about Oscar and the DON'TS with building the correct habitat for Larry and how to care for them.

2.Brainstorm and build

Once you have looked at the example and of the pictures of different habitats, you will then design your habitat for Larry. You can use anything in the classroom that is supplied to you by the teacher. If there is a material that you are wanting to use that is not in the classroom you will need to bring that with you or work on the project at home. There are no stipulations on what you can and cannot use. Just as long as you can prove and make a valid reason as to why you had chosen that material for that habitat.

Still stuck on ideas on what to build, how to build it, what to use. Click on the link above that gives you a ton of ideas about design with your habitat. Feel free to use these ideas in your habitat, in fact I suggest it.

3. word document

Last but not least you need to create a word document about why you chose the materials that you did to create your habitat and why it would work as a habitat for our pet lizard Larry. This paper will need to be a minimum of one page long. It will need to be double spaced with a title. This will be handed in with your finished habitat. You will have two weeks to complete this all.


double check:

Make sure you look at the rubric of how your project is going to be graded. You are going to want to look at the grading scale and make sure you are doing everything that you need to do in order to get that grade that you want. Have questions on how something is graded, JUST ASK!


YAY!! Larry the Lizard is going to be so excited with his new habitat that you all have created for him. He is so overwhelmed right now he just does not know what to do. If you have reached this point before others are completed and do not know what to do like Larry then take a look at a few of these websites on different lizards. For extra credit you have two options to take advantage of while you wait for others to finish. One option is to create a compare and contrast document on how the Anole lizard differs from the lizards that are listed in the documents. Also how they are a like besides being lizards. Option two is to pick one of the other lizards listed and to draw a habitat that would be fit for that species. Or overall if you did not finish that video about Oscar this would be the best time to do it.

Lizards from A to z:chose one, draw a habitat


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