Native America Lands Kaytee hatfield

A Native American

My Three problems

  1. Native Americans citizenship (or not) in U.S.A
  2. Different beliefs about land ownerhsip
  3. Settlers moving west and into native lands

My name is kaytee Hatfied and im a native American and im to here tell you my problems. It all started when the White settlers came onto our land and tried to take it from us. They were mean on how they came about it. the use force and took things away to get us to do what they wanted. I believe that if they would have asked for some land we would have just given it to them, but they didn't give us a chance to make peace with them. They took and took without caring about our family or our cultures.

Another fight we had with the White settlers and the government was they didn't treat us as equal to them. We just wanted to be like them and be happy, but to them we were outsiders and we must have something wrong with us. All they had to do was give us rights and leaves us to our land and there would have been no problems. That wasn't good enough to them they wanted to take everything away from us when they could have given us the land we asked for and they could have taken to rest with peace. We settled the land first and took care of it and they came in and wrecked the peace.

They made there own houses and food they should get involved with the Native Americans. Whites should start being they could make a school the get all kids no matter race to go. so then the kids could see that they aren't bad. it could take some time but for them to start seeing that there not bad would help change the problems and they would start to see that Native Americans should be apart of the citizenship.

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