Rats Rats infustation

One of the things that affect us in our society nowadays are rats. There's been a big number of people and their homes being affected by rats.

One of the causes of rats infestation is mainly bad or poor sanitation. It's because rats go hand in hand with unhygienic areas meaning that if you have pieces of garbage and food rats will surely be near by.

The biggest cause is old buildings if you an old apartment then the chances of rats infestation is higher due to that rats can nibble their way through wood and other things


Rats can cause many diseases and this can happen by rat scratches and bites. Rats can also spread diseases through their urine which is called laptospirosis and this disease can result in liver and kidney failure.

Even one of the most dangerous historic rat-bourne disease the bubonic plague as known as the " Black Plague " is one of the causes. This occurs when fleas from rats end up biting humans and fleas that came from rats were considered the main reason of this plague during the mid evil times that killed thousands of people.

How the Black Plague killed people


Long term solutions

One of the long term solutions to msolving rats infestation is rat proofing. You must not apply it to any punctured water supply. You can also get a cat since rats find cats scary thus they won't go near homes.

Now the short term solutions would be putting a Trap and Release this is liked by most people cause a humane way of trapping rats. There's another way the old way using a Traditional rat trap which is less dangerous compared to the olden times.

Daily Experiences

We as people of the people of Alex have been suffering from this problem of rats. This problem has increased drastically because it looks like the rats have somehow mutated because these rats are starting to walk on the road biting our kids and damaging our lives and our households.
Many of their lives are affected by rats this has made the death and mortality rate higher due to the number of people that are suffering from rat-Bourne diseases.

Most of the residents have a lot of junk filth around their houses and their kids are getting affected more and more as time goes by.

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