Comparing CNN and Interntional News Outlets RACHEL SCOTT




The front page of CNN and BBC News magnified the mishap that happened last night at the 2017 Oscars!

DW News did not mention the Oscars on their front page. DW News headlines discussed topics like kids save mangroves, soul pop music, and life sentences.

Photo credit: DW News

DW News did not mention the Oscars until further down the page and even at that it was small, its wasn't a huge story like on CNN and BBC.

Advertising in the news

Photo Credits: CNN News & BBC News

I want to point out that on both CNN and BBC there was advertising at every scroll and click of the page! Advertising was everywhere! On DW News there was not one piece of advertising clogging the page like there was on CNN and BBC! Take a look for your self!

Theoretical Approach

The theoretical framework I will use to discuss points regarding the differences between News sites is electronic colonialism. Electronic Colonialism refers to the "empire of the mind," which is influenced by the media (McPhail, 2014). The mishap that happened at the Oscars was largely publicized on CNN and BBC but was a small blurb on DW News. Whats does that say about US news? Are we more concerned about the mishap at the Oscars than we are about say the life sentence of the Berlin car racers? or the beheading of the Berlin hostages? The media influences upon us what they feel is most important.


McPhail, T. L (2014). Global communication: Theories, stakeholders, and trends. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell

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