Nebraska Golfer October 2019

1 - The Ranch

The 15th and 16th holes under construction at The Ranch Golf Club in Valentine. (Photo by Ben Hillard, Gil Hanse Design)

Nebraska has long had a reputation for being flat and boring. Leave it to golf to show the world that statement couldn't be further from the truth. It all started with Sand Hills Golf Club nearly 25 years ago, opening eyes to the rolling hills and beautiful vistas in Nebraska's sandhills. Dismal River Club and The Prairie Club continued to showcase the diverse landscape, and others have done the same since. Now, a new project looks like it could take that to a whole new level. Imagine hitting tee shots across parts of the Snake River Canyon, with 200 feet between you and the river at the bottom. The project, tentatively dubbed The Ranch Golf Club, will shine more light on the diverse land Nebraska has to offer. It's located south of Valentine and just a few miles north of The Prairie Club, and is hoping to be the next great private destination in the sandhills. Tap the button below to read more.

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2 - 5 Things You NEED to Know about the World Handicap System

The way you compete on a fair and equitable basis is changing in early January 2020. That is when the World Handicap System will launch, and golfers from all over the globe will be able to use the system to compare and compete. There are many changes to the handicap system, but we have five important things you NEED to know about what lies ahead. Check them out at the button below.

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3 - NGA Competitions | October 2019

The 21st Nebraska Mid-Amateur Champion Ryan Nietfeldt of Elkhorn (left), and The 9th Nebraska Senior Match Play Champion Ed Wyatt of Lincoln (right).

The NGA's championship season wrapped up in September, as two more champions were crowned. Elkhorn's Ryan Nietfeldt won his record-tying third Nebraska Mid-Amateur Championship at Fremont Golf Club, while Lincoln's Ed Wyatt fought back to win the Nebraska Senior Match Play at Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln. The annual NGA Interclub Championship was also conducted at Wild Horse Golf Club, with Kearney Country Club taking the title again. Tap the button below to read the recaps of these competitions and more.

4 - Golf's New Rules: I Accidentally Moved My Ball - What Do I Do Now?

Accidental movement of your golf ball during a round is one of many areas in the Rules that underwent a lot of player-friendly change in the new 2019 Rules. Still, some golfers may be confused about when there is a penalty, when there is not, when the ball must be replaced, or when the ball should be played from its new location. Take a closer look at some of the most common ball at rest moved situations encountered during a round at the button below.