Theo and Vanessa

Every moment, every detail is unique and must be captured.

Couples spend months to plan and create their wedding day, I am very conscious of this and make sure to capture all.

I shoot a lot then there is tat one image which just has to become an art piece.

Formalities are solemn and must be captured with much respect and dignity.

Let's enjoy the afternoon, have fun and please don't even think there is a camera in sight. I want to capture your fun and celebration as it happens.

Impromptu moments bring back those special feelings shared which I capture when the couple never expected it...

Some moments just lend themselves to be fine art.

Veils are a once in a lifetime inclusion, so I make sure we have much fun with a bride's veil and catch feminine moments at each wedding.

This is why I love my job! an un location shoot and the magic just happens, I see the right light, the right second and grab the moment.

I must let my couples spend personal time together, I capture it and most of the time, they do not know I did, I let them experience a real emotion and then re live it in my pictures.

This is probably one of my favourite images. I hate posing, so I ask my bridal party to just play around and then capture the exact second that tells a beautiful story. Just look at the guy peeking though the Bride and Groom.

There needs to be sensuality but with a lot of elegance....

Reception is what it is all about. I love these special moments at Leonda.

My couple had this grand backdrop created at the reception, I made sure I created a grand image for them .

Give me the subject and I will give you spectacular results.

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Yervant Zanazanian


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