Vitamins and Minerals by: Kym Clark Per.A2
Water Soluble: The Vitamins and Minerals break down in water
Vitamin B is in lots of citrus fruits, they help the body make new cells and they are found in dark green veggies. If you don't have enough it can cause Spina Bifida. Having too much will mask the Deficiency.
Vitamin C is found in many citrus fruits and helps the body fight back against infection. Not having enough Vitamin C you could get scurvy that makes your gums very sensitive. Having too much can cause kidney stones.
Fat soluble Vitamins will break themselves down in Fat.
Vitamin K is found in Dark green vegetables, and helps make blood clots when you get cut or scraped to stop bleeding. Having too much can cause Jaundice and having too little will cause frequent busing and bleeding.
Vitamin A is found in many red, orange and dark green vegetables. These help the body gain better vision, in the light and in the dark. Eating too little of these vegetables can cause night blindness. Eating to much can cause loss of appetite.
Vitamin D is found in dairy products such as cheese and milk. They help strengthen the teeth and bones, so they are stronger while they serve their purpose. Having to little Vitamin D can cause Osteoporosis, Drinking/eating to little can cause dizziness and vomiting.
Vitamin E is found in many fish/vegetable oils as well as cooked fish. They help the body protect the cells we need to function. Eating too much of Vitamin E can cause poor nerve connection, having to little can cause headaches and muscle weakness.
Calcium helps also to strengthen bones to make them more durable and harder to break. Calcium is found in dairy products and whole grain foods. Having to little can cause Osteoporosis. Eating too much can cause Kidney stones.
Iron helps make blood cells and the main source is meat, having to little can cause anemia, having too much can cause Heart disease.
Sodium and Potassium id found in many potato products and in salty snack foods. they help the body maintain a smooth fluid balance, eating to little of these foods can cause migraines and an irregular heart beat. Having to much in the body can cause high blood pressure.


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