Christianity Largest religion in the world with 2.1 billion followers.


  • Christianity was an Abrahamic Religion and was developed from the Judaism religion when the emperor converted.
  • This religion was founded in 324 C.E and was started in Jerusalem and spread into Jordan, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and more.

Major Beliefs

  • The book that the Christians follow is the Holy Bible, and the Old Testament and New Testament.
  • The place of worship is the church also referred to as Mass with a priest, pastor, minister.
  • The religious leader is God which is revealed as the father, son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The rules consist of the 10 commandments which is taught and/or followed by almost everyone practicing Christianity.

Sects of Christianity

  • The different sects of Christianity are divided into three different groups Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestantism
  • People who are Catholic or Lutheran fall into the Protestantism
  • Christian communities of different sects of living today in Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, Iraq and other smaller countries in the Middle East.


  • One of the most known holidays for Christians would probably be Easter and Christmas
  • For Christmas Christians celebrate Jesus' birth in a manger and for Easter Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus
  • There are plenty of other holidays like Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday etc...


Maggie Ferguson and Mitch Barnacle

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