Have you ever entered a room, a retail shop or cafe and felt unsure, skeptical or just simply like the place was off? You can't put your finger on it but it just doesn't feel right.

So much goes into a brick and mortar. From design and color to smiles and sweat. As the creator you have probably done all you could think of to do, to make it just right : A friendly, welcoming and prosperous place for your patrons. You may think its finished, we are ready to open the doors! But what about the energy of the space itself? What about the vibe? How do people feel in your space?

Do you wonder what was going on there before you? Did people get along well? What's the history of the building itself?

No matter the answers to those questions, its the understanding that a place holds energy, any energy. Energy that is left behind when the old tenants move out. This energy is not yours or filled with your intentions and goals.

Starting with "your best foot forward" is what a space clearing accomplishes. Clearing out what was there before allows your space to work with and for you!

Let's fill your new livelihood with your good intentions, your welcoming energies, and your vision, so you can flourish.

My name is Amber Jane Arquette and am a "Feelie"; This is someone who feels the energy, the mood, the vibe of a physical space. Most people have some level of conscious or subconscious reaction to how they feel when they walk in a room. For me it's conscious.

Results & Outcome :

  • Create a high vibe!
  • Attract your ideal customers and clients.
  • Allow people to actually see and notice your 'Open' sign.
  • Feel safe and supported in your work environment.
  • Weave your intentions for relationships, collaborations, projects and expansion into the energetics of the space!
  • Clear the path for abundance, success, money and prosperity to walk through the door and into the cash box.
  • Free your business from negative influences on employees, clients or customer relations as well as building issues, technical or legal processes.
  • Create a container of support and harmony around you!

Align your work place with its highest potential. Physical paces, just like people, appreciate being considered, cared for, adored... and well, cleaned!

Tools & Techniques

(Distance or local options)

  • Saging with sacred herbs or sprays - depending on fire codes/alarm systems.
  • Toning with singing bowls and bells.
  • Singing and chanting.
  • Shamanic journeys to the Spirits of the space.
  • Extractions of energies that do not match your businesses vision or intention.
  • Programing of crystals to place in corners - broadcasting your desired outcomes.
  • Consider the use and placements of diffusers and essential oils that are in alignment with your business's mission and to continue to amplify your goals.
I clear out the energy matrices of bad business habits, charged conversations, bitter disagreements, emotional drama and spirits, so that you are walking into a neutral and positively charged space.

Flourish Package $300 - most sessions run 2 hours

If you desire, you will receive a written synopsis of what conspired. It will include any communications from the Spirits or unseen, unknown care takers of the physical building.

If on premisses, I will be walking through space, using tools, making some noise with sound, drumming and voice. I can work after hours to avoid high traffic and construction times. You are welcome to be in the space with me as I work.

I am excited! Are you? Let's create a welcoming and supportive space that anchors in your vision and aligns the space with your ambitions!



Created with images by Samuel Austin - "Crystal Consciousness" • Anshu A - "Still life with a flower in a bottle with rain"

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