Spring Spectacular Choirs host final show of the year

The annual Spring Spectacular ran on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10, featuring songs to complement the theme, Hoosier Hysteria. The last show of the year showcases the seniors in the program and gives them a final chance to perform with their friends. Debtones and Sound System opened the Spring Spectacular with "Back Home Again in Indiana."

Elizabeth Boas '20 and Ben Johnson '20 dance to "Back Home Again in Indiana." "Spring Spec is special because it's the last show we perform together for the season, and it's the last show for the seniors," Boas said. "Even though some of us aren't graduating and it's not our 'last show,' it is our last as a collective group and we will never be on stage as the same group again. It's also just fun to perform a new show after the intensity of competition season is over."

Connor Cravens '21 sang "Jack and Diane" with Jaxson Mann '21 from Surround Sound.

Jaxon Mann '21 sings part of "Jack and Diane" during Spring Spec on Friday.

The Debtones sang "Rock in the USA" in the first act of Spring Spec.

Madalyn Cherry '19 sings a solo during "Rock in the USA."
Adena Goss '19 dances during the Debtones' performance of "Rock in the USA."

As part of Hoosier Hysteria, the Counterpoints performed a routine to the IU and Purdue fight songs.

Isaac Evans '19 leads the crowd in the Purdue fight song, accompanied by choir members.
Nathan McBride '20 leads the crowd in the IU fight song.

The Accents performed "I Drove All Night," followed by the boys of Surround Sound who performed "Danger Zone."

Jessica Holland '21 sings a solo with the Accents during "I Drove All Night."

The Surround Sound boys sang "Danger Zone" before the girls came on stage in late-1950s themed poodle skirts to perform a song from "Grease."

Garrett Wade '19 sings a solo during "Danger Zone."
Will Boas '22, Connor Cravens '21 and Gary Murphy '19 perform "Danger Zone."

After a quick costume change, all members of Surround Sound came together to perform a routine to "Greased Lightning."

Matt Harold '21 performs a solo during "Greased Lightning."

Season 6 winner of The Voice, and Indiana native, Josh Kaufman sang "Sign, Sealed, and Delivered" with CG Singers.

Josh Kaufman is accompanied by CG Singers during Friday's performance at the Spring Spectacular.

Abigail Johnson '21 performed "The Nearness of You" after singing with Kaufman in the prior number. "Spring Spec is a special show because to me, it’s a way to show our growth throughout the year," Johnson said. "Since it was my first year in varsity, I learned a ton about performing and and show choir, so after improving not only individually, but as a group, we can really showcase that to the public."

Surround Sound performed "Too Darn Hot" during the Spring Spectacular, featuring solos by Will Boas '22 and Michelle Poe '19.

Boas sings "Too Darn Hot" while the Surround Sound girls dance behind him.
Boas and Poe sing a duet during Surround Sound's performance of "Too Darn Hot."

The Debtones sang "So In Love" by Indiana native Cole Porter, while Elizabeth Boas '20 and Kiersten White '20 danced.

Rachel Taylor '19 joins the Debtones in singing "So In Love."

Sound System closed out the first act with a tap performance of "Anything Goes."

Avery Elliott '19, Abby Green '21 and Halle Booher '20 open the number.

Act Two opened with a medley of Guns N' Roses songs performed by Sound System.

Griffin Finchum '19 performs "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns 'N Roses and transitions into "Paradise City" and "Welcome to the Jungle." "My favorite part of Spring Spec was 'Thriller' because as I was singing I realized it would be the last time I would be together with all those people on stage, and that song was a pretty good one to go out on," Finchum said.
Rachel McCall '19 and Laney De Luna '19 dance during the Guns 'N Roses melody.
Ashlyn Glover '19 and Mitch Anderson '19 sing along to Guns 'N Roses. "My favorite part of Spring Spec was doing 'Anything Goes' because it was the first tap focused number which is something I love to perform," Anderson said.

Cameron Poole '20 performed "D'Lovely" by Cole Porter on Friday.

Laney De Luna '19 entertained the audience with a performance of "I Hate Men" by Cole Porter. "I really enjoy Spring Spec because it is such a great way to close the year," De Luna said. "Unlike our competition season, Spring Spec is low stakes and it is so much fun to have one last final performance with the family you have created in the past year. It is also really fun to perform music that we and many others know and are familiar with and can enjoy."

Ashlyn Glover '19 and Romero Gee '19 danced to "Begin the Beguine" as CG Singers and groups of duets sang.

Nick Parackattu '19 sings "Begin the Beguine."
Sophia Watt '20 sings "Begin the Beguine."
Subi Pandit '19 sings "Begin the Beguine."
Griffin Finchum '19 and Adena Goss '19 sing a duet in "Begin the Beguine."

Accents performed Cole Porter's "Heaven Hop."

The Debtones performed their first number of the second act, "Blow Gabriel Blow," written by Cole Porter.

Rachel Taylor '19 sings the solo in the performance of "Blow Gabriel Blow."

All-male acapella group Sh'Boom performed "Journey to the Sky."

Members of Sh'Boom harmonize the melody of "Journey to the Sky."

The Accents performed Michael Jackson's version of "Rockin Robin" as part of the Michael Jackson tribute.

Romero Gee '19, Alayna Whitis '20 and Subi Pandit '19 performed "I Want You Back" during the Michael Jackson tribute.

Elizabeth Boas '20 performed a tap routine as Gee, Whitis and Pandit sang.

Josh Kaufman teamed up with CG Singers one last time to perform Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There" and "Will You Be There."

Anna Line '20 sang a duet with Sophia Watt '20 to the acoustic verison of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

Watt and Line sang while Alex Milligan played guitar in the background.

The Debtones performed Michael Jackson's "Bad" as one of the final numbers of the show.

Rachel Taylor '19 led the song with a solo.

Sound System performed Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" with solos by Subi Pandit '19 and Romero Gee '19.

The Spring Spectacular ended with a performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," featuring all the members of Sound System, Debtones, Surround Sound and Accents.

Joe Anthony '21 performed the narrative solo between choruses of "Thriller."

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