Game Logo Design Ballzee: The Game of Ballimination


  • To create a logo for the game Ballzee: The Game of Ballimation.
  • To gain real work game design experience.

User Interface Design



Title Screen
Main Menu


  • Create your Logo for Ballzee: The Game of Ballimation, in Photoshop using the┬áprovided templates.
  • Main Menu name: MainMenu_lastnameFirstname
  • Title Screen name: TitleScreen_lastnameFirstname
  • Jpeg of your final design named properly.


  1. Download the MainMenu_Template.psd & TitleScreen_Template.psd from google classroom.
  2. The game name is: Ballzee: The Game of Ballimation
  3. Keep the Color Scheme in mind.
  4. Brainstorm ideas before you decide on a final one.
  5. All deliverables are to be turned in to Google Classroom.

Turn off the Logo Place Holder for turn in.

Created By
Rebecca Graham

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