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Stephanie Gutierrez is a 16 year old junior girl in high-school. She was born and raised in East L.A. Coming from a community and house full of working immigrants she takes pride in her Mexican-American culture, emphasizing lifestyle and individual/community identity in her photography.

Hi, my names Stephanie Gutierrez, I'm 16 year old girl born and raised in East Los Angeles. I come from a household of immigrants, my mom and dad moved from Mexico to the United States in their late teens. My Mexican heritage is something I like to take pride in and something that is conveyed threw out my pictures.

A day in EAST LOS
School in B.H
Waiting for the bus
The 99
Down Town LA
Street Vendors L.A
Paletas from the grandpas
Hoodies Hoodies Hoodies
Dia De Los Muertos en mi casa