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On Monday, August 21, the "Great American Total Solar Eclipse" will take place. During a total solar eclipse, the disk of the moon appears to completely cover the sun. This allows the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, to become visible. The total eclipse is a very interesting event to watch, but unless proper eye protection is worn, serious damage to your eyes, including blindness, can occur.

Solar Viewing Glasses

Solar Viewing Glasses

If you plan on viewing the eclipse, you should obtain a pair of "solar viewing glasses." These glasses are comprised of lenses that are hundreds of thousands of times darker than regular sunglasses. Ensure the solar viewing glasses you obtain meet the current international standard: ISO 12312-2. Some older solar viewing glasses do not meet the new standard and should not be used. Click this link to see a list of acceptable vendors and manufacturers of solar viewing glasses. Remember to keep these glasses on throughout the entirety of the eclipse.

Regular Sunglasses Are Not Safe

Sunglasses cannot be used in place of solar viewing glasses. You should never look directly at the sun during the eclipse with a regular pair of sunglasses. Regular sunglasses do not filter out enough sunlight and could cause serious damage to your eyes to occur.

Other Safety Tips

  • Always inspect your glasses before use; if scratched or damaged, discard it.
  • Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the glasses.
  • Do not look at the eclipse through unfiltered cameras, telescopes, binoculars, or other optical devices.
1:04 pm - Partial Eclipse begins (The Moon touches the Sun's edge) 2:30 pm - Maximum Eclipse (Moon is closest to the center of the Sun) 3:52 pm - Partial Eclipse ends (The Moon leaves the Sun's edge)

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