Timeline By: Mealony & OMayah

Chapter 1

Nick introduces himself as a nonjudgmental person. After graduating from Yale, and fighting in WW1, Nick decides to become a bond trader and moves near NYC.Nick goes to have dinner with his cousin, Daisy and her rich husband, Tom Buchanan. During dinner, Tom reveals that he is racist and that he has an affair. Nick asks Daisy about her 2- year old daughter. She doesn't know anything about her daughter. Soon nick goes home and figures that there are rumors of him of getting married. When he gets home he sees Gatsby and a green light.

""Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, " just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had""(p1),

This quote was the beginning of the story. It explains how Nick was not nonjudgmental but he does soon later. This is one of the main point of chapter one because it reveals who nick is really is.

Nick has dinner with his cousin and is a symbol because this was the time when nick figures that Tom has an affair.

Chapter 2

Tom forces Nick to go with him to the train. They see the valley of ashes, which is an industrial zone where poor working class work.Tom takes nick to Myrtle who is Tom mistress. Myrtle husband has no idea of this.They go to a hotel, where Tom and Myrtle spend the time together. They soon have a party which the invite there neighbors.The behavior and conversation was getting Nick mad. Tom had broke Myrtle nose because she was repeating Daisy's name. Soon nick wakes up in the train.

"They look out of no face, but, instead, from a pair of enormous yellow spectacles which pass over a non-existent nose"(p23).

This qoute explains Doctor T.J Eckleburg is God. That he is watching over the valley of ashes. The valley of ashes is a Industrial zone where poor and working class. Doctor T.J Eckleburg watches how suffering the people are and how sinful they are.

Doctor T.J Eckleburg
Valley of ashes

Chapter 3

Gatsby is famous in NY because all the party he throws.He doesn't know most of his guests.They act like they are in an amusement park and some people just came.Gatsby higher extra works to clean after the party.Guests exchange rumors Gatsby that he's a German spy, graduate of oxford,Killed a man,inherent money form his mother a French baroness and second cousin to the Devil.Nick runs into Jordan and they try to find Gatsby.They run into owl eyes who is a drunk man.Owl eyes is obsessed with Gatsby library. When nick meets Gatsby he is surprised. Later on, Gatsby butler calls Jordan when Jordan comes out she is excited.

"It was testimony to the romantic speculation he inspired that there were whispers about him from those who had found little that it was necessary to whisper about in this world"(p44).

The qoute was base of Gatsby. In chapter 3, Gatsby is known for many things but no one knows who he really is. People who had attended the party were making rumors that he was this and that. The qoute shows that Gatsby is really popular and everyone wants to get to know him.

Gatsby is one of the man symbol in this chapter

Chapter 4

Gatsby takes nick out to lunch with his new car. On the way to New York Gatsby talks about his life. They have lunch in a speak easy. They meet Meyer Wolfsheim which is a gangster. Nick soon goes to tea with Jordan. Jordan talks about Gatsby and Daisy past and how they used to date. She mentions that it ended when Gatsby gets off to war. Daisy soon gets a letter from Gatsby. Later she gets married with Tom of the help of Jordan. After telling nick about them, Jordan asks nick to make a tea time for Gatsby with Daisy. Soon nick feels uncomfortable with helping with the affair but goes with it.

""I was able to do the commissioner a favor once, and the sends a Christmas card every year""(p68).

In this qoute it explains about Gatsby. What this qoute shows is that Gatsby has connections and might have done something bad or good. He gets away from a driving ticket because of the commissioner. It soon reveals to nick that Gatsby might not be a good person.

Symbolizes Gatsby
The pearls symbolizes how Daisy chose money over love.

Chapter 5

Nick makes an tea time for Gatsby. Gatsby is really nervous about this. When Daisy comes Gatsby soon leaves the house. When Daisy meet Gatsby it is very sad. Nicks leaves Gatsby with Daisy but Gatsby acts like a child. Gatsby and Daisy soon talk and they soon to be very happy. Gatsby invites them to his house. He shows off all the things he has. Daisy is glad to see these things. However, she doesn't have the same feeling. Nick worries about this because he doesn't want to ruin Gatsby dream.

"As I watched him he adjusted himself a little, visibly. His hand took hold her, and as she said something low in his ear he turned toward her with a rush of emotions"(p96).

What this qoute means is how much love Gatsby has for Daisy. In the chapter Daisy doesn't show much love like she used to. Nick soon thinks that Daisy doesn't have any feelings for Gatsby and it may ruin Gatsby.

The green light symbolizes Gatsby dream. Now since Gatsby is reunited with Daisy the green light disappears.

Chapter 6

In chapter 6, it reveals the truth of Gatsby. Gatsby real name is James Gatz. He had worked with Cody. Cody soon dies which is kind of suspicious because he died when a lady was with him. Her name was Ella Kaye. After the death of Cody Ella and Gatsby inherited codys money.

In chapter 6, it changes when Flitzgerald talks when Gatsby is with Tom, Nick and some other people. Gatsby tell Tom that he knows Daisy and Tom gets kingpd of suspicious. Gatsby soon invites Tom to his party. When they get there, Daisy comes too. Gatsby gets kind of jealous and complains to nick for Daisy to just tell Tom that she doesn't love him. Gatsby didn't want the Daisy now, he wanted the old Daisy the past Daisy.

"James Gatz- that was really, or at least legally, his name. He had change it at the age of seventeen...."

Flitzgerald writes this qoute from The Great Gatsby to explain the true Jay Gatsby. This qoute explains that his real name is James Gatz. Gatsby have been lying to people and nick and this qoute reveals that Gatsby is not really good guy.

This symbolizes how Gatsby (James Gatz) feel into money and started using lies to people

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