Harn Museum A good life Exp.

Funeral by Stuart Robert Purser, Brendan Schmidt

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece by Stuart Robert Purser demonstrated how the emotion of sadness can be displayed through brush strokes and creating slim, ghost-like characters in his artwork the Funeral. By seeing it in person, I was able to grasp the feeling of the mortified and grieving characters.

Harn Museum, Brendan Schmidt

Design of the museum: My favorite and most appealing part of the museum was walking into the "Meant to be Shared" section. I love the flow and feel it gave off when walking in. When you walk in you see this huge painting that is glowing by a light above. Then walking further in is like walking in art because the design is essentially art. it definitely made me happy walking through.

Overlook Mountain by Ernest Fiene, Brendan Schmidt

Art and Core Values: In this piece by Ernest, It reminded me of my childhood and hometown. This is because of the depiction of nature and scenery reminded me of the country where I grow up and visited often. Mainly the time I use to play out in an open field.

Pulling Turpentine by Ellis Wilson, Brendan Schmidt

Art and the Good Life: The completely breaks down any barrier and creates a beautiful and heartbreaking look at reality back in the day. This artist took a piece of history that was unjust and turned it into art

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