Artist Statement

Timberline Lodge. This place means so much more to me than just a place to ski. This was where my parents met for the first time, where I learned to ski, and where my photography final is about. I wanted to capture the beauty and wonder from in between the trees. Most skiers and snowboarders hardly look up from the trail and around them to see the beauty. So I took my time during this ski trip to take pictures and stop to see the beauty. The thing about Timberline that I like is its history with my family. My dad worked there as a pastry chef and my mom was a housekeeper. It's where they first met and eventually fell in love. Timberline is my favorite place is ski and has beautiful interior design, almost everything was handmade and crafted by natives. It has a rich history and a great choice in dogs. The Lodges are beautiful, along with the runs. These reasons and more are why I choose Timberline lodge as the theme for my photography final.

Framing Device
Vertical Lines
Rule of thirds
Storystarter, implied lines
Rule of thirds
Color Psychology: blue and yellow
Leading lines
Side lighting, portrait
Framing Devise, small scale
Rule of thirds
Fill the frame
Small scale


My name is Emily Beaumont and I am a 14 year old girl currently attending Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School. I was born on August,10,2002 in Clackamas,OR at Sunnyside medical center. I grew up in the backwoods of a small town, Woodland,WA . I now live in Vancouver,WA with my mom on the weekdays and in Sherwood,OR with my dad and stepmom on the weekends.

I have a military and multi ethnic family background. The military from my dad's side in the Navy, and the ethnic part from my mom’s side being from Mexico. My family background has influenced me greatly in the way I photograph, trying to look at life at a different angle. My love for photography comes from my mom, who takes photos of almost everything she can.

I want to take a year off between high school graduation and college to travel to other countries and see the world. I want to be a ER nurse or a federal agent when I graduate college. Neither of these line up with my parents careers. My mom a office administer for Christensen electric, and my dad is a abatement journeyman for PPS.

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