GERONIMO by chief takoda & chief akecheta

Name-Geronimo (goyathlay)

Occupation-Warrior/military leader

Birth date- june, 1829

Death date- Feb 17, 1909

place of birth- no-doyohn canyon, mexico

place of death- fort sill, oklahoma

#them wrinkles

While out on a trading trip, Mexican soldiers attacked his camp. Word of the ransacking soon reached the Apache men. Quietly that night, Geronimo returned home, where he found his mother, wife and three children all dead.The murders devastated Geronimo. In the tradition of the Apache, he set fire to his family's belongings and then, in a show of grief, headed into the wilderness to bereave the deaths. There, it's said, alone and crying, a voice came to Geronimo that promised him: "No gun will ever kill you. I will take the bullets from the guns of the Mexicans … and I will guide your arrows."Backed by this sudden knowledge of power, Geronimo rounded up a force of 200 men and hunted down the Mexican soldiers who killed his family. On it went like this for 10 years, as Geronimo exacted revenge against the Mexican government.


Created with images by @Peta_de_Aztlan - "Geronimo" • Boston Public Library - "Geronimo (Guiyatle), Apache"

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