A Change of Friendship By: Emily Enos

Our friendship. We had been friends since years before, but 4th grade was when we really became close. We had planned to be best friends until the end of senior year, until a book, markers and some pencils changed that. All that was lent to Kate from me after she had forgotten hers. She promised to give them back a few days later, as soon as she got her own. No big deal that she had borrowed them, until she claimed that they were hers. She told me that I never gave her anything and that everything she had was hers. Suddenly I was confused, hadn’t she remembered that I had given those to her a couple days before? Still not a huge deal, after all, it was only some school supplies. It seemed like this until more of my things started disappearing, and Kate seemed to always have those things. I finally decided to ask if she had taken my missing items.

“This is all mine, your missing things are not my problem.” She responded nervously.

After I asked her she suddenly got very protective of her things as if she thought someone would steal them. I was, of course, still very confused and wondering why she was doing this. Maybe she was just joking? Maybe not. I noticed that my name was on what she had taken from me but realized that she wasn't going to give them back, so I decided to forget about it and move on.

Kate and I didn’t speak for the next few days and some of my other friends weren’t speaking to me either. Soon, Kate and most of my other very close friends were excluding me from activities. I was still the confused 4th grader who didn’t know why Kate was doing this. I now only had a few people talking to me, and one was my friend Julie. She also knew how rude Kate was acting towards me. Julie and I ignored Kate until rumors began to be spread about me. I didn’t know what was happening. Kate was telling my friends nasty lies and trying to turn them against me. Every time I saw Kate I had a very weird feeling inside me, almost like something wrong was about to happen. I became very upset that she was telling people lies about me and that she was getting away with being so unkind. What did I do to make her so angry at me? Was Kate doing this just because she wanted to hurt me? I tried to talk to Kate about what was happening and she ignored me every time. I was standing right in front of her and asked her a simple question.

“Why are you doing this?”

She didn’t seem to want anything to do with me even though I had done nothing to her.

I decided to stop talking to Kate and ignore the rude and false things she was telling all of my friends. I realized that Kate and everyone who believed what she was telling them about me were not my true friends and that I did not need them.

The people who believed Kate’s rumors were still not talking to me and neither was Kate, but I was okay with that. I didn’t want to be involved with other people’s gossip and I didn’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else who knew Kate. Julie helped me move on and find people who were not at all like Kate. I began building more friendships with people who were kind and honest. The more friends I began to make the more I forgot about how Kate had been treating me. Julie and I realized that Kate was just spreading rumors to get more people to like her and gain popularity by lying.

Kate’s popularity began to decrease after she had no more rumors to spread about me. The people who had believed her rumors began to figure out how untrue they were. Some of these people apologized and began talking to me again and some others stuck with Kate and chose to believe the lies she was telling them. I had made a decision to move on so this did not matter to me any longer.

The people that I was now friends with helped me overcome what had happened, made me realize that Kate was not a true friend, and became my new best friends. My confidence was building again and I was now very happy. Soon, the rumors were forgotten and I had made many new caring, true friends who supported me through everything.

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Emily Enos

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