North Korea Public Service Announcement By: jaylen, jack, keller

What we think about the north korea goverment

north korea has a bad goverment to me and i think its unfair for the people who likes it because it is a unlimited goverment so its not even fair because they have to be slaves kinda and do whatever the leader say and they have to have pictures of only the leader they cant have none of there family and they cant leave the country they have to stay and people cant go to north kore. And to us we thnk its a unlimitied goverment

north korea leader statue

What I think about the leader in North Korea is that I think people act out of fear so the people that don't listen to him end up getting killed so that is what I think about the leader in North Korea. Because of the leader in North Korea people have been blind for at least 10 years straight. People have been trying to escape out of North Korea just to go save other people and the orphans on the side of the street have been left to die.

Kids abonded

they face many consequencesi n north korea one is that they cant go to another country or escape the dictator and they are cut off from the outside world that means that they dont have any technology and it is illegal to have any pictures of you or your family. and if you do there is bad places called camps and if one person messes up then every one in there family will have to pa the price and go to the camp and they only have a 30 percent chance of living.

a Family
a family is a good thing to have but when you in north korea its weird because they are not treated right to us we think there should be a stop agaist this and how they are getting sad because they cant do nothing they want
A sad family
quote from north korea

this was the presdiant calling shots at the us after Senator John McCain called despot Kim Jong-un a ‘crazy fat kid’ and to us presonal we think that the senator should have never done that no matter if they are rivals and so he went to far "calling him a crazy fat kid" but the north korea presdiant dont have to make war again so if we would be in that position i would just not say nothing for US and the North korea


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