Trapped By Mary A.

It was a snowy Saturday, and Clara, Natalie, Cailyn and I were extremely bored. “Let's go to the mall,” Cailyn said boredly.

“ Yeah ,sure, let’s go now,” Clara said as she started to put on her tennis shoes.

We called a taxi, and it came and picked us up ( we were home alone). The taxi was an old rusty mini van. We all got in the minivan, and it smelled like fried food. The engine roared as we drove down the highway.

When we got to the mall, we immediately looked for the food court to get some pretzels. We had never been to this mall before, so we managed to get lost trying to just get to the food court. After going in circles for 10 minutes, Clara said, “Never mind the pretzels, let’s go to the Nike store”.

“Sure, but what way do you want to go to get there?” I asked

“That way,” Natalie said loudly. She pointed to a narrow hallway. The hall looked like it was not used much, no people or stores down the hall. Kind of suspicious looking. Why are there no stores down that hallway? I thought. We walked down the hall, took a few turns down more halls and we were lost again. We come to an elevator and Natalie wants to go down it. We get in it and it starts going down and stops moving.

Suddenly, Natalie began to panic and she fainted and she fell on her face. Natalie will be fine I thought. I leaned against the elevator handle, and it was cold and smooth. “It smells like cleaning supplies in here,” Cailyn said out of the blue. Clara is sitting in the corner of the elevator, she suddenly gets really anxious and begins to panic just like Natalie did but she does not faint, luckily. The elevator’s dim lights flicker, making the elevator seem even drearier than it already is. I look over at Cailyn, she is looking at her phone, “I can't get reception” she said, she throws her new iPhone on the floor. Suddenly I asked myself what if we are stuck in here for hours?

The elevator slowly moved down after not moving for 40 minutes. “ I’m alive,” Clara shouts as the elevator door opened. Cailyn kicked Natalie's leg to wake her up ( nicely kicks her leg). “ How long have I been sleeping?” Natalie asked.

“Well , we were trapped in the elevator for about 40 minutes, so you have been asleep for about forty minutes” I said in response. I looked around us as we got out of the elevator, cleaning supplies and vacuums were near us.

“ I think we’re in the janitor's closet,” Cailyn said in a confused tone of voice. “What are you girls doing in here?” said a rough voice said. We turn around to a big man staring down at us. “ Umm, we went down the elevator and ended up in here,” Clara said quickly and continued to say, “We were stuck in that elevator for like 40 minutes”.

“That elevator is out of order, and why would you even go down it in the first place?” he asked.

“We went down a hallway trying to find the Nike store and we decided to go down that elevator,¨ I told the janitor. He gave us directions to the Nike store, and we left.

After that crazy day, we had a taxi come pick us up. This taxi was nicer than the one before. “I´m not going down any more weird elevators,” Natalie said as we were in the taxi.

“Me too,” Cailyn, Clara and I said at the same time.

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