Wentworth Cheswell By: Kaif Rehmani

Q: What was the point of your life? A: The point of my life was to fight for my country.

Q: How do you think you will actually be remembered? A: I think I will be remembered as a strong man who was able to fight for his country and be able to handle a family as well.

Q: What do you consider your greatest success? A: My greatest success would be riding back all night from Boston to warn my community about the British planning to invade us, just like Paul Revere.

Q: Would or could you have done things differently, if so how? A: No not that I can think of.

Q: Do you have any regrets? A: No regrets.

Q: What was your job in the American Revolutionary War? A: My job was to sign the Association Test. Patriots collected signatures of people opposed to what they considered the hostile actions by the British fleets and armies.

Q: What did you do after the war? A: I returned to Newmarket and my work in town affairs. I also ran a store next to the school house. I supported his family as a teacher, and was elected and appointed to serve in local government for all but one year of the remainder of my life, as selectman, auditor, assessor, scrivener, and other roles

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