august 2016

Volume 1, Number 5

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much—Annie Leibovitz

From the office of the president

Terri Thompson

I hope you all enjoyed your summer holiday. I took a 10-day road trip along the Pacific Coast over the 4th of July holiday and I am going to share a bit of my trip with you.

Our trip started at SeaTac airport where we rented a car. We then drove around the Olympic Peninsula on Highway 101 and then headed west and drove along the coast into California. We continued down Highway 101 through the Redwoods then proceeded onto Highway 1 and drove along the California coast for 2 days before moving inland back onto 101 through Livermore; ending at the San Jose airport.

I planned on seeing forests, waterfalls, eagles, beavers, elk, bugs, beaches, lighthouses, bridges, historical and architectural sites, and everything else one finds along the way

For the trip, I packed my new Nikon D750, several lenses, a polarizer and my travel tripod. I didn’t think that all of that gear would be much trouble but, as our journey progressed, I found that I had to lug all of that gear in and out of a hotel room each night to keep it safe. Having to lug all of my gear in and out of hotel rooms every night became second nature after a few days but I still failed to think it through.

When we went on hikes, I left my big lens in the trunk—there was no way that I was going to carry that big, heavy lens along dirt paths or up and down hills. So I downsized and used my wide-angle lens for landscapes and my lightweight telephoto lens for searching out birds or big foot.

I had hoped that we would have a Rich strobel moment and capture a spectacular bird shot

The best place I found to photograph was where we least expecteded it--an unplanned bathroom stop. It was there that I witnessed several Osprey catching fish in the Rogue River. Capturing the moment with clarity, however, was a bit of a challenge.

I experienced many challenges during the trip: the weight of my new camera; switching lenses for distance; changing settings to compensate for wildlife flight/movement; exposure settings to handle the sunlight through the dark forest; and finding quick ways to stabilize my camera/lens. I’m not sure how many photos will be competition-worthy, but it was definitely a fun experience.


We have many experienced and seasoned photographers in our club who give us less-experienced photographers the incentive and motivation to improve our skills and techniques. They have probably been through many of these trips and have their own tips for photo travel; we can learn from others and/or learn on our own, tailoring to our preferences. The trip was wonderful and I now have many new sights and experiences under my belt. I learned more about my camera, lenses, and techniques in 10 days than I would have learned in months. Hopefully I will take the lessons learned and benefit from them in future trips.

Here are some key takeaways from my trip

  1. Bring and USE a good monopod for quick stabilization and help balance camera weight.
  2. Have a good travel book or tips from other photographers for best places to shoot--this came in handy since we had some time constraints.
  3. Have plenty of data roaming for getting directions or use OnStar; bring map as backup.
  4. Never pass up an opportunity to use the bathroom AND scope out the area for unplanned photo-ops.
  5. Be aware of attraction hours and close times; you may need to cut short one stop to hit another; or take your time at a worthy stop and miss one due to close times.
  6. Be aware of park entrance fees that can cost $5-10 at every stop; buy a National Parks Pass (seniors aged 62 and older get a discount)
  7. Be aware of weather in advance – pack appropriately and check for road conditions; we had good weather and no road issues.
  8. Follow-up on hotel/flight confirmations before the trip.


editors note

Another great resource to use is Shot Hotspot. I've been using it to scout locations prior to going on a trip.



on location news

This year's Zombie Walk got off to a rocky start. It actually ended rocky and was rocky in the middle as well. There was not only a small turnout by both Darkroomers and our social media partners but fewer zombies showed up compared to previous years.

The event organizers wanted all photographers out of the staging area and asked us to line up along the parade route which was adorned with steel barricades designed to keep us away from the zombies--limiting our access and field of view. Media outlets and credentialed photographers, however, were allowed to walk alongside the zombies and, in doing so, blocked our shots. Finally, the police escort bringing up the rear of the parade provided for a not so pleasant backdrop to the whole event.

The organizers fortified the walk with a dinosaur group--presumably because there were so few zombies. Dinosaurs mixed with zombies was just weird and confusing--they might as well have added a prom float and Rick-Rolled us...

The walk was suppose to go for about eight blocks but it fell apart after the first block or so because the city was in shambles once you got past the barricades--further limiting our photographic opportunities. The best part of the walk was that it was over in just minutes because so few zombies showed up and, rather than amble and shuffle, they were quite lively. Just what you want--a zombie you have to use a car to outrun...

This definitely felt like the final year for the zombie walk


When Zombies Attack



The month of August is jammed packed full of programs. We have two program nights on the calendar because there is a 5th Wednesday and we also have a Weekend Workshop Series workshop that has a location shoot component--making it a two-day affair. On top of all of that, World Photo Day is in August and we have to clean the building again... That's a fun-filled month!


"Comtemplated", by Jeff Booher 2014 Darkroomers Best in Show

Don't forget that the theme for this quarter's Quarterly Competition is Anguish and the competition is October 5th.



Rich Strobel
Bosca del Apache: Adventures in Bird Photography

Wednesday, August 3rd, 7:30pm in the Photographic Arts Building.

Join Rich as he shows his virtual menagerie of birds from Bosca and talks about equipment, clothing and other supplies to take along on your trip to Bosca del Apache, New Mexico.


side stitch

16 Image Stitched Panorama

Stephen Burns will be leading our Weekend Workshop Series workshop for the month of August on stitching HDR Panoramas. This will have an On-Location photoshoot then the workshop in the Photographic Arts Building the next day.

The On-Location photoshoot will take place at the Coronado Ferry Landing on Friday August 12th at 6pm. Sunset is at 7:36pm and Blue Hour ends at 9:06pm so you have some time to get setup before it gets dark but you will want to get down to the landing as soon as possible to get that nice golden light from 7-7:30.

Almanac for August 12th 2016
Village Pizzeria Bayside at 7:30 for dinner


  • Tripod
  • Telephoto/Super Telephoto. 70-200, 80-400 works well here
  • Cable Relase
  • Tripod Dolly if you have it but it isn't necessary
  • Polarizer or ND Grad could enhance your sky somewhat



joy to the world

July 2013

August 19th is World Photo Day. It is a Friday and the Moon will be full. Well it will 96% full which is close enough. So a Blue Hour Full Moon Shoot for the Darkroomers is a must. We had a full moon rising over Downtown club photoshoot in July 2013 and it was a lot of fun. So, with the moon at apogee (8.7% larger) and the east end of Harbor Island facing Downtown, the East Harbor Island location should be a pretty good view--TPE says that it is a good location to see the moon rising over downtown anyway. Moonrise is at 8:32pm so we can get some Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Moonrise photos and be in bed before the 10 o'clock news...

TPE For August 19th From Harbor Island "East"

Park on the street down by Island Prime; we can shoot from the sidewalk. Sunset is at 7:30pm so you will need to get there about 6pm to catch the Golden hour light. Officially we start at 7:30pm and the moon crests over the buildings around 9:15pm so we should be done around 9:45pm.

What you need to bring

  • Tripod
  • Cable Release
  • Telephoto Lens (70-200 works well here)
  • ND Grad


tunnel vision

Steel Wool and Grafitti

Darkroomers, in co-operation with Night Photography Lovers and The Best Places to Photograph in San Diego presents: Steel Wool Adventures with Graffiti; Wednesday August 31st at 7:30pm. See the map on the signup sheet for directions.

Park in the lot next to the structure structure adjacent to Bloomingdales, then cross over to the path on Riverwalk. We will head down to the tunnels at 7:30pm. We will meet on the sidewalk and head down together. You can take either the sidewalk or the dirt path.

What you need to bring

  • Flash light/Miners light for hands free operation
  • Cable Release
  • Wide angle lens w/UV or Clear Filter
  • Tripod
  • Hat
  • Long Sleeve Shirt/Hoodie

We will be in close proximity to live sparks so you will want to wear protection. You will also want to protect your camera and lens as well. A UV or Clear filter should give you ample protection for the front of your lens but be on guard and watch for stray sparks near straps and other fibrous materials as they are likely to catch fire.

Wear comfortable shoes. The walk isn’t long or difficult but there may be weeds, rocks and loose gravel to negotiate. We do ask that you sign up for this event because it is a night shoot and your safety is our primary concern so we want to know that you plan to go.



The Darkroomers in conjunction with 500px and Redbull Photography presents the 4th Annual 500px Photowalk and the event is in full swing. We are trying to grab as much attention as possible to help promote Darkroomers so we have 3 on-boarding points: The NPL Event page, The Official 500px Event Page and The Darkroomers Microsite. Each have their own signup because they have different visibility and membership requirements and, so far, there are about 30 people signed up which means about 15 will actually show. So we need you to help promote the walk and generate some excitement.

First thing's first--sign up for the walk. Strength in numbers. The more the merrier. Misery love company... People want to belong so "onboard" yourself and add your name to the list of attendees for the walk. Even if you cannot attend or do not plan to attend--having your name on the list will create momentum and help us foster an atmosphere of excitement.

Next, write a comment on the event wall and tell the world how excited you are about the walk. Be genuine. If folks hear how excited you are about the walk and they believe you then they, themselves, will feel excited and we want happy walkers.

Finally, volunteer. We need walk leaders. We hope to get 50-60 participants. That is a large group. Too large for one walk so we will be splitting into 4-5 smaller walks and we need Darkroomers to lead those walks. The routes we will walk will require planning and you are the people to make it happen. We need folks to document the event--take pictures for the website, newsletter and social media. Thanks to Dave Poplawski and Diane Patterson for volunteering their time to help us plan the walk and to Mike Marcus for stepping up to help lead a walk.

Add your name to the list--this is going to be Huge!

Send a note to and t0 tell us you want help out your club today!

The walk is Saturday, September 17th at 2pm-5pm with a stop at Panama 66 for drinks and snacks.


While we are talking about our 500px walk, you can help visitors understand what the upcoming walk when you host the building. We have posters located throughout the building and the information is on our website. There are posters located throughout the building with details about the event. Just scan the QR code located on the bottom of the poster to get to the official event page where you can sign up for the walk.


Club news

all hands on deck

August is once again Darkroomers turn in the rotation to clean the building. Our August cleaning event is Sunday August 7th at 9am. So come one, come all; really just come all because this is the last cleaning installment for the year for Darkroomers but we will be cleaning the building in January for our Year End Program.



SCACC presented its bylaws for review at the July meeting and will vote on an omnibus resolution to adopt the 2015-2016 bylaws at the September meeting provided none of the voting members have any objections to the final draft which will be mailed sometime in August.


The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit/charitable organization. This means that any donations made to SCACC or its member clubs may be tax deductible. Consult your tax professional for more information.


The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs is now an Associate Member of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. Membership in the Partnership will secure a listing for the Photographic Arts Building and the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs in the Park's directory. The association will also benefit from networking opportunities with other museums and associations and join forces with the Friends of Balboa Park to secure funding for a new Photographic Arts Building Park Sign.


Under construction

Renovations are underway to make the restrooms ADA compliant. So, if you see some bare walls or unfinished business in the back, you will know what is going on...



Standing ON THIN ICE

Fallbrook failed to submit their entries to interclub on time so, theoretically, Darkroomers could have brought home more awards but it was Poly Photo and Photonaturalists that ended up taking home most of the prizes. Darkroomers did manage to squeak out a few honorable mentions, though, and that helped our overall point standing but it is starting look like this will not be the year of the Darkroomer...

Interclub judges this month were Amanda Dahlgren, Larry Stein and Susan Coppock.


  • "Lucifer" by Jeff Booher, Honorable Mention
  • "Sierra On Fire" by Michael Fairbanks, Honorable Mention
  • "October Snow" by Cynthia Parnell, Honorable Mention

point Standings

  1. Poly Photo: 1390 Points
  2. Photonaturalists: 1377 Points
  3. Darkroomers: 1361 Points
  4. Fallbrook: 865 Points

Fallbrook will be submitting 40 images to the September 20th Interclub Competition because they failed to submit their June/July images on time.



Checkout the new at-a-glance video for a quick overview what's coming up next month and come back and bookmark our programs calendar so you can easily get to the our upcoming programs at a glance on your mobile device or desktop.




Alexander Kunz

Our Judge for the month of August is Alexander S. Kunz. Alex was born in Germany and grew up in Bavaria surrounded by rich landscapes full of rivers, pastures, lakes and mountains.

His approach to photography is often compared to the “contemplation of nature”, by classic German painter Caspar David Friedrich, where an accurate depiction and reproduction of reality is the goal, but an idealized version of it that one might see with his or her inner eye only.

Alex considers himself a passionate, regional photographer of intimate landscapes. His goal is to get to know the place where he lives and to explore and document it through his photography. Alex's passion is to show both beauty and craft in all of his work.

I find the technical aspects of photography interesting, and mastering control of camera and lens when operating them provides a kind of satisfaction that is probably one reason why photographers like their craft.

Alex runs Daylight Colors with his wife--Shuwen Lisa Wu. He is a also mentor at Photo Forté and a recurring guest judge on ViewBug.



The San Diego Public Library Foundation is looking for a Step and Repeat photographer for their upcoming Celebration Under the Dome event on Friday, October 7th.

The Step and Repeat is where guests have their photos taken in front of a backdrop when they arrive. It comes from one guest/couple/family stepping in front of the camera and then stepping out, and then repeating the process with the next guest. e-mail Natalie Ganz if you are interested at


Adorama is teaming up with photographer Nigel Barker, to host a 5-episode reality competition series on AdoramaTV. Photographers interested in entering Top Photographer with Nigel Barker are invited to upload an authentic image taken within the last five years on Adorama's website. The Grand Prize is $50,000! That's a lot of lenses...


Event Image Designed by Adam Moyes

MOPA's annual Art Bazaar returns

This event celebrates local-to-global artists, honoring quality craftsmanship and original ideas that challenge the status quo. Art Bazaar participants have been hand-selected to showcase and sell the best of how innovation, creativity and art intersect. August 4, from 5- 9 p.m. MOPA


Revenge of the nerds

NerdCon 2015

Just when you thought you could store your Dungeons and Dragons back in the attic now that Comic-Con has left town--NerdCon is rolling into Escondido at the California Center for the Arts.

A weekend filled with Cosplay, Video Game Tournaments, Comics and Nerd-Chic Fashion shows; this conference will have you begging for buttermilk.

Tickets are $35 for a 2-day general admission pass or $85 for a 2-day VIP pass. Individual day passes are $20/$50 but you can probably shoot a lot of cosplay characters outside the event without buying a pass. August 27&28.


This not-to-be missed dog and cat adopt-a-thon and fun celebration has fantastic pet products, yummy eats, vet tips, music, kids area, auction prizes! Bring your friendly dog. August 27 9am; NTC Park @ Liberty Station.

If you're a dog or a friend of a want to circle this night in your TV Guide...


photog's BEST FRIEND

For a limited time during the exhibition Beauty and the Beast: The Animal in Photography, you can now include your favorite furry (or scaly!) friends with some cool MOPA membership benefits. For only a $10 donation, MOPA will include your pet pals on a recognized MOPA Pet Members page along with animal-friendly swag throughout the summer.

MOPA galleries are still restricted to service animals only


Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation

In partnership with The San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation, MOPA is hosting the pop-up exhibition, Redemption, on display in the atrium starting August 11th for Late Night Thursday and included with Pay What You Wish admission. The exhibit runs through August 14th.




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