Irma Korver People Operations & Marketing Director


At JapanTKY, we are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends and city trips. We also take inspiration from the people who wear our clothes. Ultimately, we design our clothes for them. Therefore, we would like you to meet some of our muses.

Irma Korver (52), People Operations & Marketing Director from Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Irma lives with her husband and 13-year-old son. She has a 21 year old daughter who lives and studies in Amsterdam and a 25 year old 'bonus son'.

After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in International Management, Irma held several management positions at various companies. Subsequently, she had her own recruitment agency for online & e-commerce professionals for a period of several years. Since May 2015 she has been working as the People Operations & Marketing director at the Emark head office, a leading marketing technology agency based in Haarlem

“Emark is a young, fast-growing company. When I started in 2015 there were 29 people working, now there are 125. Together with my team, we are responsible for Marketing, HR & Recruitment and Office Management. I am a generalist and I can really put a lot of myself into this position.”

"What I like about working at Emark is that we are very innovative and that we work with the latest marketing technology. We employ a lot of young, smart people, marketers & technicians. It is an informal company with a good atmosphere, I like that!”

Photography: Rik Balder/Studio Redlab

“Exercising is the best way for me to clear my head. My favourite pastime was running, but because of an injury that is unfortunately no longer possible. I now go to the gym, play tennis and do yoga. Climbing is also a lot of fun, but unfortunately it is not often possible to do it. I am also interested in fashion and interior design and I like to do fun things with friends. I also like music, either to listen to or to dance to. I also love to travel, we make a distant trip once every two years.”

"Now that I'm getting older, I want to give something back.”

Who is your muse/role model?

"I find that quite a difficult question... I think Michelle Obama is an inspiring woman. She has a natural charisma and is a real powerful woman. But when I think of muse I also think of Catherine Deneuve, I don't know much about her, but I think she is a beautiful, stylish woman!

I also hope that I can be a role model myself. Now that I'm getting older, I also want to give something back. By sharing your wisdom of life you can help younger people. They are sometimes so insecure about different things, want to fulfil expectations, but it is so important to follow your own intuition. That is why my motto is:

Stay close to yourself, then you're at your best.”
Photography: Rik Balder/Studio Redlab

What does clothing mean to you?

"Clothing is important to me, I have a large closet with a lot of clothes. I like to spend time on it, it can help you make a statement. When I'm in London or Barcelona for my work, I love to look at the streetstyles. For my work I don't have to dress too formally, so I like to wear jeans with a blazer and sneakers. I have a lot of blazers. Those from JapanTKY are fantastic! They can just be machine washed, don't crease and you can wear them straight away."

"The nice thing about JapanTKY's clothing is that it can be formal, but also casual. My favorite items are A-line dresses, which I prefer to wear with tights and sneakers."

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