Notable Moments From the Derek Chauvin Case so Far By madison land

Week two of this four week trial for the officer who killed George Floyd has wrapped up, and here are the most important moments from the trial so far.

#1 - The Blood Choke

Donald Williams, a professional Martial Artist and witness of George Floyd's death, described the move that Derek Chauvin used on George Floyd as a "blood choke" designed to cut off a person's air flow as described in the video above. In this next video, he describes and demonstrates how the "blood choke" works and explains the details of the scene.

#2 - Off Duty Firefighter

An off-duty firefighter talks about how she wished that she could have given Floyd medical attention, but was unable to due to the officers not allowing her onto the scene even though she worked for the Minneapolis Fire Department.

She describes what she would have done if allowed on the scene, such as checking for a pulse and giving chest compressions. "In my memory, I offered to walk them through it or told them that if he does not have a pulse, you need to start compressions."

#3 - The $20 Bill Was Real

Christopher Martin, the teenage Cup Foods employee who was George Floyd's cashier, recalled on the stand that Floyd gave him a fake $20 bill, which he was just going to accept and basically pay for what Floyd was buying himself.

But he decided to go to his manager to inform him on the counterfeit bill, in which his manager told him to go after Floyd and soon called the police. It has been later proven that the $20 bill was actually real, making the call for the police unnecessary.

#4 - Death Not Caused by Drugs

The debate that drugs, more specifically fentanyl being the cause of George Floyd's death was debunked by doctor Martin J. Tobin, and Police Surgeon William Smock. They both confirmed that Floyd's cause of death was lack of oxygen due to Chauvin kneeling on his neck.

#5 - Kneeling on Someone's Neck Is Not Apart of Protocol.

Chauvin's supervisor talks about the training and policy of arresting someone, going through the process and what an officer is supposed to do. Based off of what David Ploeger said, Chauvin did not follow the proper protocol and steps in arresting someone, and doing what he wanted to do resulted in the death of George Floyd.

Public Response

African Americans and other people across all social media platforms have been very vocal on the events that have occurred in this trial so far, showing their support and gratitude for the people testifying.

Tik Tok

Laysie, or or more known on TikTok as @laysieeeb, is a activist for POC and has been covering the Derek Chauvin case since the day it started, having a whole section on her profile dedicated to the updates of the trial.


The hashtag #derekchauvin has been trending recently on Twitter, and on there, you can find updates on the trial, people's and even celebrities' opinions and thoughts on the situation, and facts about this case that many people might not know.

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