The UFO Foiler The everyone's foiler

Sometimes, flying feels too godlike. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see . . .

— Charles A. Lindbergh

As easy as a Sunfish is to sail -- that's how easy we made the UFO to fly. . . (Dave Clark -- designer of UFO)
Foiling is like riding a bicycle for the first time after only being able to crawl. . . (Dave Clark)
It's finally like learning to stand. You are finally up in the air. Your drag goes down a ton, and you start flying forward. It suddenly becomes quiet as well because the hull drag is gone. It's practically etherial. (Dave Clark)
In a dusty back building in Rhode Island, there's a father-son brain-trust brewing. (Joe Berkeley -- Sailing World Magazine)
We recognized that to really distill the fun of foiling—one of the most profound pleasures in sailing—we’d need to take the self-harm out of it. We’d have to do more than simply reduce costs on an existing foiler. Our foiler needed to bring a certain degree of civility and simplicity to the foiling experience.

Something Old, Something New

Without question we had a spar problem that required a creative solution. I found the answer quite by accident while looking at the 1930s Her­reshoff Amphi-Craft on display at the T.F. Green Airport (Warwick, Rhode Island).
Other foiling craft have an inherent amount of user hostility. . . (Steve Clark designer)
My father has had a fondness for solid-decked catamarans since he received an Alcort Catfish for Christmas 52 years ago. It’s an underexploited hullform that keeps the part-count exceptionally low and allows for a high degree of performance and stability.
We did our best to keep the hydrofoil system conventional, because we had no interest in subjecting our customers to an ego-driven science experiment. The UFO runs on a Moth-type system.
We commissioned Nat Shaver, a friend who currently designs foils for the French America’s Cup team, to design the foil shapes. The result is a very gentle, high-lift package.
UFO with foils up on dolly
There’s something truly special about foiling. You build speed, suddenly start rising up as the boat goes dead quiet and gains another burst of speed as all your hull drag and most of your strut drag vanishes. You are the wind. Being able to do that without wasting time rigging or some sort of convoluted launching process, or fighting breakages and impossible maintenance and finish standards, has been completely liberating. (Dave Clark)

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